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School Bus Routing Software & Licenses

One definition of “change management” is that it is the intentional route traveled by an organization – school district or transportation service providers, for example – from where you are to where you want to be. There are few surprises if the change is ..

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Reporting Woes: Confronting Issues of Inaccuracy in Student Transportation Reports

Major policy decisions are based on school districts’ federal and state reporting as are billions of dollars in funding. It was 2018 when Education Week revealed “wild” data inaccuracies in federal desegregation data. Also that year, National Public Radio ..

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What To Look For in School Transportation Software & Providers

School districts are scrambling to find answers to the problems of safe, efficient, affordable student transportation in the 21st century. Today’s challenges are nothing new, but our technology – where it exists – is outdated and inefficient.

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Florida to Train 1600 School Bus Drivers

One of the most critical --and often overlooked-- areas of school transportation systems is the problem of maintaining high standards and high morale among school bus drivers. It's a high stress and often seemingly thankless job, yet an absolutely vital po..

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