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How to Deal With Slow Traffic Areas For Buses

In many cities across the United States, morning and evening rush hour can be frustrating and a difficult undertaking. This issue is no different for school buses as they hit the same local traffic as other motorists. Through the use of modern technology t..

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4 Ways To Increase ROI When Investing In Student And Bus Tracking

While student GPS tracking may be an unfamiliar idea to parents in your school district, student tracking software has been proven to increase safety for children who are under your school district’s care. Bus tracking and school bus routing software not o..


How to Use GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for Efficient Fleet Management

The benefits of GPS vehicle tracking systems such as Zonar and Synovia go beyond simply ensuring the safety of your precious passengers. These are powerful tools which can revolutionize your fleet management, helping you optimize your system in ways that s..

route_optimization, student_tracking_systems, Save_Route_Costs, Vehicle_Monitoring_System, student_tracking_system, gps_vehicle_fleet_tracking, gps_vehicle_tracking, school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking, GPS_Tracking

How To Know When Your Bus Routes Are Safe And Efficient

If there are two watchwords for a modern school bus system, they should be “safety” and “efficiency.” Since a school's transportation budget can be one of their biggest money drains, virtually anything that decreases the costs of transportation will benefi..

bus_routing_software, bus_tracking, GPS_Tracking

7 Proven Ways In-Bus GPS Systems Promote Safer Drivers

During the course of a school day, your students are probably in more danger during their daily busing than at any other time. Our road system is naturally hazardous. Anything a school district can do to reduce dangers to their students will pay off in bot..

bus_routing_software, bus_tracking, GPS_Tracking

Slow Traffic Areas For School Buses & How to Deal With Them

In many cities across the United States, morning and evening rush hour can be frustrating and a difficult undertaking. This issue is no different for school buses as they hit the same local traffic as other motorists. Through the use of modern technology t..

bus_routing, school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking

Use Satellite Vehicle Tracking For The Best Results

One of the most frustrating parts of managing an entire fleet of vehicles is going to be the huge job of, well, managing every single vehicle. This mostly means tracking them in route and making sure that certain vehicles aren't straying away from their pr..

bus_routing_software, satellite_vehicle_tracking, school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking

What Can A Transportation Supervisor Be Used For?

Is your school district putting its transportation supervisor to the best possible use? Although creating bus schedules is a key task for these types of personnel, it's only a fraction of what you could be using them for. To help you get the most value fro..

bus_routing_software, transportation_routing_software, bus_tracking, transportation_supervisor

Get Your Students To School On Time With Bus Tracking

Because there are only so many hours in each school day, every second that a child is in the classroom counts. Unfortunately, when school busses get behind schedule, students are forced to arrive to school late, both detracting from their personal learning..

bus_routing_software, bus_software, bus_tracking

GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking- How To Know If It's Right For You

Advancements in technology have made it possible for numerous service-based businesses to track their fleets, but did you know that it's also possible for school administrators and school bus contractors to monitor their transportation units? Although maps..

school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking, gps_fleet_tracking_companies

Purchase Dispatch Software For Live Communication

A very stressful moment for both the driver in the fleet and the transportation team keeping track of the fleet is that moment of no communication. Whether it is because there's a problem with the radios or phones currently implemented or something else en..

Dispatch_Software, school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking

Tracking Schools: Are You Doing It Properly?

Being able to track all of the schools in your area can feel like a tough job, but thankfully routing software takes the guess work--and most of the hard work--out of the equation so you can focus on other responsibilities that need your attention. Trackin..

gps_vehicle_tracking, school_bus_routing_software, tracking_school, bus_tracking, routing_software

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Transportation Coordinator

A transportation coordinator's job is a round the clock operation. The job entails many different duties and often times involves taking on the tasks of multiple positions. They have numerous responsibilities and must answer to their manager, school staff ..

bus_routing, Student_Safety, Dispatch_Software, gps_vehicle_fleet_tracking, school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking, transportation_dispatcher, transportation_coordinator

School Management System: How It Should Operate

The ways to harness technology to make your school run more smoothly and more safely are expanding quickly. Just a couple decades ago, it was still standard to see school districts doing most of their record-keeping by hand: drawing bus routes with lines o..

student_management, school_management_system, Student_Safety, Student_Tracking_Software, student_tracking_system, student_tracking_sheet, school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking, GPS_Tracking

Benefits To Using AVL GPS

With the recent tragedy in Connecticut, public school safety is once again among the most important discussions in the nation. While the Newtown shooting may not have been easily avoided, anyone with responsibility in a school district should be looking fo..

school_bus_management, bus_software, bus_route_optimization, bus_management_system, avl_gps, school_bus_routing_software, bus_tracking, school_bus_driver

How To Use Bus Tracking Correctly

So, your school just went ahead and decided to invest in a GPS-based bus tracking system. That's an excellent call. GPS tracking can save you money on your bus fleet in numerous ways, as well as helping to keep the students in your care safe, but only if i..

transportation_routing_software, bus_software, Fleet_Tracking_Systems, Student_Tracking_Software, student_tracking_system, student_tracking_sheet, gps_vehicle_tracking, school_bus_routing_software, tracking_school, bus_tracking

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