Data-Driven Decision-Making: How Analytics Revolutionize School Transportation

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school-busIn 2016, the Maine Department of Education performed a Transportation Case Study. Software for school bus transportation had never been used, and its implementation enabled the transportation department to replace manual bus-routing processes with technology.

By the case study’s completion, the department had saved $4,400/year (average fuel prices in 2016 were $2.14/gallon). But data-driven decision-making for school transportation solutions was the most outstanding benefit they realized. It was a clear advantage over making choices based on outdated and often incorrect paper-based information.

Technology itself has revolutionized school transportation in North America. Data-driven decision-making is what empowers school districts to continually update and improve efficiency and safety.

Better Decisions Begin With Analytics

Once you begin collecting and analyzing data, you’re likely to find that it’s easier to reach a confident decision about virtually any business challenge…-Tim Stobierski, Harvard Business School

Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) in school transportation uses analytics (data, facts, and metrics) to make strategic decisions. The information leads to an outcome that meets your safety and budget objectives without compromising compliance directives.

Some of the ways you can use school transportation data analytics to make informed decisions are:

  • Driver performance/safety and fleet data track bus drivers’ behaviors and tendencies, such as:
    • Dependability (on-time/absences)
    • Hard-braking driving
    • Idling
    • License status
    • Rough driving
    • Speeding
    • Training/additional education needs
  • Stop-arm violation information can be used to cite offenders for remedial driving classes or increase public awareness:
    • Date/time
    • Driver name
    • GPS coordinates
    • Vehicle plate #
    • Video recording driver behavior
  • Student riders’ real-time data confirm and document:
    • Boarding/departures
    • Bus early/late arrivals
    • Daily activities
    • Route deviations
    • Student attendance
  • Vehicle “health” and cost-related elements can be monitored:
    • Diagnostics
    • Distance
    • Fuel economy
    • Maintenance/repair
    • Speed

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Most school administrators and transportation directors have questions about:

  • Boundaries/districting
  • Bus stops
  • Driver utilization
  • GPS tracking
  • Human oversight/error reduction
  • Run optimization
  • Student information/tracking
  • Zones

…and we are eager to learn about your student transportation management problems.

For affordable options and better school transportation decision-making, call 866-740-8994 or contact BusBoss.

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