4 Secrets To Using Route Management Software

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Currently, one of the most powerful upgrades on the market for any ground transportation Route Management Softwarebusiness looking to optimize its services is a good piece of route management software. As map analysis techniques evolve, software becomes even-better at handling complex routing problems.

BusBoss modern route management software can easily handle complications such as dealing with riders with changing daily schedules, or assigning shuttle buses in unique situations, while still providing optimal routes at all times. However, there's still a lot more you can get out of your routing software. These suites are designed as all-in-one solutions to replace or compliment nearly every area of your route management.

Let's take a look at a few more advanced features BusBoss route management software provides to help you optimize your fleet.

Four Tricks To Getting The Most From Your Route Management Software

I. Clean That Data!

Obviously, in any database-driven application, having clean data to begin with is necessary to get the best results – a piece of routing software is only going to be as good as the information put in it. For those managing a school bus fleet, it becomes even more important. Schools need that data for funding and reimbursements. Missing data can mean lost money.

BusBoss comes with the BusBuster system, which is an automated database scan that searches for missing or obviously incomplete data. After running several checks on your databases back and forth, cross-referencing the data, you'll get a complete report with what's missing, along with recommendations on how to fill in the gaps.

II. Keep On Top Of Alerts

BusBoss can be configured to automatically pop up a list of alerts when you enter the system, and we strongly suggest you make use of this! Based on your own selections, the software can alert you of any serious discrepancies that need your attention as soon as you log in.

Among your options are:

  • Expired vehicle plates or tags

  • Drivers with an expired license

  • Drivers with licenses about to expire

  • Drivers on file lacking required background checks

  • Departure time mismatches

The system can handle virtually any alert you need to set up, based on the data put into the system.

III. Avoid Danger Zones

As towns and cities grow and change, you'll need to update your routes from time to time based on changes you can't control. BusBoss route management software allows you to create zones that the route planning automatically avoids when placing stops, or avoids driving through at all, depending on your needs.

This is useful for:

  • Detouring around construction

  • Avoiding known gang areas

  • Dodging public gatherings\parades

  • Sex Offender locations

  • And more!

IV. Add GPS trackingroute software

BusBoss software works best when paired with a GPS tracking system. It can integrate into several existing solutions, and provides continuous live updates with the exact locations of your buses, as well as plenty of other information such as their current speed and their fuel level.

The GPS data gathered will also be used over time by the route optimization services, helping to further squeeze dollars off your budget. Plus, the driving statistics collected are perfect to use in the performance reviews of your drivers. Keep tabs on which cheat the speed limit, and which keep it within the law.

Route Management Software Brings It All Together

With BusBoss routing software, you get a single interface that compliments virtually all aspects of your vehicle management. As budgets continue to tighten and new regulations add even more complexity to your job, you probably need a way to trim the fat from your budgets. BusBoss does just that, while improving your routing in the process.

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