Using Google Maps to Manually Locate Schools in BusBoss

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BusBoss does a great job of automatically locating addresses, but there are times when it cannot find the school’s location.  When this happens, you can use google maps to manually locate schools in BusBoss.  Here’s how…

Open a web browser and navigate to

Type the name of the school followed by the zip code for the school.  For example: Wyndcroft 19464.  If Google is able to find the school, it will usually show a location for it on a map. 


Click on the map. 

Now right click on the map where the school is located, and then click on the “What’s here” menu item.


The Latitude/Longitude coordinates will be displayed at the top of the window and will look something like: 40.247105,-75.616601.


Next, in BusBoss, double click on the Latitude/Longitude coordinates at the bottom right corner of the map. 


Copy/paste or type the latitude/longitude coordinates in to the window that pops up, and then click OK. BusBoss will re-center the map on those coordinates.


Next, click on the School’s toolbar and then click on the Display Schools button. 


The Display Schools window will open.  In this window, schools that are not located will appear in a red font.  Find your school in the list and click on it.  Then, right-click the school, click “Manually Locate This School”.


Finally click on the map where the school is located.  You will notice that the school in the list changes to black indicating that it is now located.

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