Does Your School District Need a Way To Find School Buses?

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shutterstock_237319882Student safety is the number one priority for school transportation professionals. With over 55% of US students riding school buses, finding the best way to operate a fleet impacts millions of students across the country. School districts are facing great pressure to meet the needs of their students with a minimal effect to their budget. Implementing a school bus finder can help your district do just that.

School Bus Safety

In today’s hectic world, safety can often take a back seat. School bus finder software, such as BusBoss TRIPpatrol, provides peace of mind to parents, drivers and school administrators. GPS tracking technology now allows transportation managers to follow their buses in real-time, monitor factors like speed and route deviation, and respond quickly when things do not go as planned.

The Benefits of School Bus Finder Software

GPS tracking is obviously beneficial for parents who are concerned with their children’s safety, but this technology can also save school districts money. When you know where your buses are, you can monitor their productivity and choose routes that save fuel and driver time. By utilizing school bus finder software you can:

  • Compile statistics that help you to optimize your bus routes.
  • Provide drivers with real-time route assistance.
  • View your assets with updates as frequently as every 10 seconds.
  • Monitor drivers and alert administrators to unauthorized stops, speed limit violations, and route deviations.
  • Track driver time to eliminate unnecessary overtime.
  • Produce activity logs and detailed reports for each vehicle.

Advances to GPS technology have made this software option even more affordable than ever before. School bus finder software truly allows school districts to do more with less. It can also be integrated with your bus routing software, which allows you to adhere to Department of Education regulations and make the best safety and cost-control decisions for your school district.

To learn more about bus finder software and GPS tracking options for your school district, contact one of our transportation experts. We’d be glad to discuss your options for updating your school bus fleet and ensuring student safety at a cost that fits your budget.

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What do you think? Has your district invested in school bus finder software? What impact has this had on student safety and route optimization? Let us know in the comments below!