3 Reasons GPS Student Tracking Is So Popular

GPS Student Tracking

GPS Student TrackingThere’s no denying that advanced technology is a part of the daily lives of most Americans. School district staff and parents expect to locate students quickly when an issue arises, and they expect transportation departments to have access to the technology that makes this possible. There are many reasons why GPS student tracking systems are so popular. Here are just three of them:

1. Safety. Having a student dropped off at the wrong stop is a nightmare scenario, and unfortunately, such incidents have occurred. Student safety is a top concern, and GPS Student Tracking systems are doing their part to eliminate major security issues. When a student enters the school bus, they swipe a unique ID card. Security alerts are triggered if a student deviates from a suggested stop or route to confirm with the student if something has changed.

2. Communication. A common frustration expressed by parents is a lack of communication between school transportation officials and parents. The panic that parents feel when their student doesn’t arrive at a stop when they should is understandable. Parents also expect answers when students are routinely late to or from school. Especially when combined with software that tracks school buses, student tracking systems provide quick and accurate information that eases minds and assures parents that their student has safely reached their destination.

3. Reporting. Tracking ridership is a must, especially for school districts that receive Medicare and special needs government funds. GPS Student Tracking systems provide the real-time data that districts need to account for ridership. Using an RFID card, students swipe a reader each time that they enter or exit a bus. This process is literally transforming the way that school districts are reporting their ridership data. This streamlined boarding and exit process also saves time and takes pressure off of drivers, decreasing the likelihood of late arrivals and inaccurate headcounts.

Quick and easy student tracking is solving problems, saving money, and making reporting easier for school districts. BusBoss offers high-tech, comprehensive tools that can be easily integrated with other programs. Our team of transportation specialists are ready to explain all of the benefits that our software programs can provide to your school district. Contact us today to learn more.

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