Fine Tune Your Transportation Services Using Vehicle Routing Software

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In today's economy, every penny counts. With dwindling budgets, public schools are forced to cut corners wherever possible. This may include changing school schedules, to accommodate two tiers per bus, or finding ways to make a route more cost effective.

One way for the latter is vehicle routing software. With this little gem, many facets of the bus routes may be examined. It can include documenting driving behaviors or recording driving times. For instance:

  • A driver's route can be examined to see if the planned route is driven within the expected time frame. If a bus leaves school at a certain time and is expected to be parked two hours later, it will be known whether or not the bus made it back to the yard on time. If the driver is late, the route can be re-examined, to search for better streets, in order to bring the driver back sooner.

  • GPS Vehicle Routing Software can give the students a safer ride, as well. The software will allow managers to view the behavior of driving, to ensure no large reduction or acceleration of speed takes place, which is usually indicative of braking hard or gassing heavily. With this type of behavior, the passengers will be jerked forward or backward, and the cars following the bus will have a challenging time to remain a safe distance. Also, the bus can be programed to remain below a designated speed.

  • Or perhaps the productivity of the driver can be improved, by tracking the driver's movements, so the routes can be checked for the best gas mileage performance. Vehicle routing software can see alternative routes, to suggest a potentially better route for the driver and reducing the mileage needed to be driven. This will eliminate time and gas, which ultimately reduces the cost of the bus service.

  • And when all the information is gathered, it can easily be printed, so a check can be made between what is expected, and what is really happening. The data can show flaws in the productivity, driving times or distances, with a click of a mouse.

If you have used vehicle routing software that you find particularly beneficial, or perhaps one that should not be used, it would be appreciated if you would leave a comment. It would be most helpful if you could explain the reasons that you would recommend it to another user, or why others should shy away from it.

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