Improve The Efficiency Of Your Routes By Using Tracking Software

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There are a million ways to get from Point A to Point B. But, there is only one that is the most tracking softwareefficient. When it comes to optimizing your bus routes, efficiency is what matters most. By utilizing student tracking software you can make sure each one of your bus routes is functioning as efficiently as possible.

What is student tracking software?

It Utilizes GPS – Student tracking software utilizes GPS (Global Positioning System) hardware so you can track where your school buses and its' students on board are at all times. It tells you how fast your driver is going, how often they are breaking, how often they are stopping and how long they have stopped. With student tracking software, you can essentially be on the bus observing your driver from anywhere.

It Gives Parents Helpful Information – The GPS feature also allows parents and authority figures to see where their child (or children’s) bus is at all times.

It Helps Drivers Track Student Behavior – Utilizing this software also allows your drivers to track the behavior of their riders. Having accurate records of incidents not only helps protect your drivers legally, but cuts down on lengthy inquiries. When an incident occurs, the software helps drivers track:

  • Name of the reporting person

  • Name of the student involved

  • Incident’s date and time

  • Driver name, route and bus number

  • Type of incident and action taken

  • Description of incident

How does tracking help improve efficiency?

It Saves Money – Helping your buses stay on not only the shortest routes, but also the ones with the least amount of idling time can save you big bucks at the gas tank.

It Helps You Avoid Heavy Traffic – While there is always one route that is the most efficient for your buses, it is not always the same route every day. Utilizing this software helps your driver avoid heavy traffic areas and/or construction or road blocks.

It Decreases Wait Time – Because this software allows parents to track the status gps tracking softwareof their child (or children’s) bus, it also allows them to get their children to the bus stop on time. Just imagine, your drivers won’t have to wait for little Johnny as he runs like mad towards the bus door. 

Never Get Lost – While in a perfect world the same drivers would drive the same routes every day – we know the world is far from perfect. GPS can help new drivers view routes so they wont get lost.

It Allows You To Only Serve Children In Your School Attendance Zone –Every child deserves an education. But, every child that attends a school costs the school money. The further that child comes from, the more money they cost the school. For this reason, school zones were defined to regulate which school a child should attend. With student tracking software, you can ensure your buses stay within your district zone.

It Eliminates Bus Routes (Potentially) – By reviewing your fleets analytics, you can see which routes finish more quickly, which ones are operating at full capacity and which ones are operating significantly below capacity. By utilizing this information, you can adjust routes to improve efficiency and, sometimes, eliminate routes all together.

In the end, student tracking software maximizes your efficiency, increases your safety and helps you save money. 

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