Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Equate to 'Big Brother'?

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Schools have long had a love-hate relationship with new technology.  Administrators loveGPS Tracking finding new technological solutions that can save time and money -especially if it keeps students safer in the process- but parents are often wary about exposing their children to untested new ideas.

While this isn't a discussion that's going to go away instantly, GPS vehicle tracking is NOT one of these situations.  It's not 'Big Brother,' it's just a better way to keep kids safe.  So, we've got a few arguments you could bring up, if a parent or driver thinks that GPS tracking is worrisome.

Five Arguments Why GPS Bus Tracking Is Safe And Secure

1 - You're only tracking the buses.

The first thing to bring up is that GPS vehicle tracking only follows the bus.  There's no other information transmitted, besides basic speed and location data.  Even information such as the day's ridership is stored safely back at the school.

2 - It's like radio, but better.

Even before the Global Positioning System, it's not like your buses were out of contact.  Bus drivers had radios, and were regularly phoning home to give their location and status.   Now, they don't need to distract themselves while driving  to radio back to base.  The GPS does it for them.

3 - GPS is highly secure.

No computer system is 100% safe from intrusion, but GPS is as secure as you can reasonably get.  "Hacking" a GPS signal requires complex, expensive equipment.  The chances of anyone going to the trouble to distort a bus's GPS signal are incredibly low.

4 - Rapid response can save lives.

Well, the single most compelling argument for GPS is the added safety it brings.  If there is any trouble, you'll know about it mere seconds later.  This can shave minutes off the response time for any emergency, whether it's merely a blown tire, or a collision, or a serious health crisis.

5 - They want to know where their child is.

Finally, if you want to sell a parent on GPS, ask them if they ever want to call the school, asking where their child is, and be told "We don't know."  GPS bus tracking means that you will know where their child is.  Fundamentally, a GPS investment buys peace of mind for your entire district.

Want To Know More?

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