Route Optimization Services - What Should I Expect?

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Route Optimization Services - What should I expect?

Route Optimization ServicesWhat Should I ExpectTo answer this question, we need to look at the school transportation staff, namely the school bus routing contractors.
It comes as no surprise that school bus transportation cuts have left parents extremely worried about the school bus services in their local area. Read on and we will try to ease your concerns by looking at what school bus routing contractors and vehicle routing coordinators are doing to ensure the school bus transportation in your local area doesn't suffer too much disruption.

School bus route optimization services contractors have a very difficult task ahead of them since the school transportation budget cuts. There are far less school buses available now and the school bus routing contractors and vehicle routing coordinators must come up with a bus route optimization plan.

 Bus Route Optimization;

School bus routing contractors need to look at school bus routes while analyzing the current bus stop locations. Taking into account that a school bus driver may need to change their route to compensate for any buses they no longer have available to them. They need to ensure each bus will be used to its maximum capacity. Once the routing contractor has this information, he must then optimize the route as much as is possible to minimize the costs.

What to expect from your school district;

As I am sure you are aware, school districts will likely have different ways in which they plan to deal with optimizing their individual routes. Most are holding meetings with representatives of their district's schools to discuss bus route optimization and how they will deal with it.

The following is an extreme example of how school districts might have to deal with the situation.

In February 2012 the Lake Elsinore Unified School District, (LEUSD) unanimously voted to eliminate school transportation all together. Read about this here.School Bus Driver

In response, Mayor Brian Tisdale arranged a meeting in April 2012 to discuss an alternative solution. Read about this here.  Routing is still being provided but at a cost to the parents.

Safe Routes to School, (SRTS), are helping on a national level to deal with school bus route optimization. Most districts are working with the SRTS to promote a safe and healthy way for their pupils traveling to and from school. Everyone gets involved school faculty, parents, community and police. The SRTS offer school districts tools and resources to help.

For information on how SRTS can help your school district, please use the following links.

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