5 Benefits of Student Management Software Integration

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BusBoss is already the most powerful option on the market for large-scale school bus routingPearson ISV Partner and transportation management. However, BusBoss can go even further! When you use software integration to pair BusBoss with the Pearson PowerSchool student management system, you get an all-in-one solution that brings total oversight to your operations.

There are numerous benefits to software integration, across every aspect of your district. Here are five great reasons to consider a change!

Five Ways BusBoss And Pearson PowerSchool Make An Unbeatable Combo

1 – Instant Universal Data Access

Chances are, you've had to deal with a complaint like “I changed my address on the website last week! Why are you still sending mail to my old address?”

When you integrate your software, you get a single combined database where every element can be changed quickly, reliably, and across the entire system.  New students, student changes and withdrawals are automatically updated in BusBoss.  Likewise, student routing changes are automatically updated in Pearson PowerSchool.

Smart auditing features further prevent mis-matches, ensuring every database entry change needs to only be made once.

2 – Predictive Attendance

If you're tracking student ridership with an RFID system, that means you'll know ahead of time what students will be showing up for class. Your teachers can come in at 7:30 with a predictive attendance list waiting for them, saving time and effort. Or if a student doesn't show up, you already know they're truant.

3 – Enhanced Reporting

Your state funding relies on accurate data being sent to the state. Software integration puts ALL the necessary data into one place, and PowerSchool can collate all of it into the reports you need to file.

Given the high costs associated with transportation, you especially need accurate reports on your bus routes and vehicle records to get all possible funding. An integrated database makes this simple.

4 – Safe Field Trips

An integrated database allows you to pre-plan every aspect of field trips, including routing, staffing, and expected student riders. When combined with GPS tracking and RFID tags, you get incredibly safe field trips with even less chance of accidentally losing a student.

5 – Always Know Where A Child Is

If a parent calls to ask “where is my child?” there should be no delay in answering. Whether they're on a bus, in class, or hiding behind the gym... integrated student management systems mean that you can quickly soothe worried parents with concrete information.  

Want to know more?  Orbit Software has all the information you need!

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