Four Ways to Use School Bus Technology for Security

School Bus Technology

school bus technology-1When it comes to school bus safety, there's a tendency to focus on features that provide physical safety - and understandably enough. However, security is also a major element in bus safety, and should not be overlooked. Fortunately, companies involved in school bus technology know this, and have been putting new solutions on the market that help improve awareness and oversight of a bus fleet.

The right technological investments can help you prevent unwanted guests on your bus, keep track of your buses and riders, and keep your fleet secure when it's not in use. These are some of our favorites.

Four Ways New School Bus Technology Can Improve Security

1. Video Cameras

In our view, if there is just one upgrade we could recommend every district implement to improve onboard security, it's adding video cameras. The benefits of cameras far outweigh their minor drawbacks. It allows administrators to keep a closer eye on student behavior, as well as driver behavior. However, it also produces iron clad evidence if there is ever a dispute over what happened onboard a bus.

Ultimately, that's security which every single person onboard a bus might benefit from, in the right situation.

2. GPS Tracking

The other piece of school bus technology we feel is absolutely crucial is a GPS tracking system. Why allow your buses to drive around without knowing where they are? A GPS link, paired with mapping software at your office, allows you to precisely locate any bus, anywhere in your district, at any time.

And, of course, if the bus ever goes off-route or comes to an unexpected halt, you are notified of it almost immediately.

3. Student RFID Cards

Giving students RFID-based cards is slightly more controversial, but it can still be a major boon to school bus security. With card-readers, you will know the exact ridership of your bus in the morning, before it even arrives at school. Or, if students decide to sneak off the bus, or get off on the wrong stop, you or your driver will be alerted to it before they have a chance to get very far.

4. Motion Sensors

Motion-detection systems continue to advance, and there are now systems which can detect any movement on a bus - no matter how minor! This can virtually eliminate the chances of a student being left behind or forgotten overnight. It can also be used as a security system to prevent any unauthorized people from boarding the bus in-between shifts.

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How is your district using new school bus technology to improve safety and security? Tell us your favorite new tech in the comments below!