Products That Fight Germs on Your School Buses

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cleaning school busesIn the year of the coronavirus - and with most researchers suggesting it will continue to be a threat in 2021 - school bus safety measures now largely revolve around finding ways to prevent spread of the disease. Most schools are doing this with traditional disinfecting products like sanitary wipes and sprays, but this is a slow and time-consuming process that can still miss a lot of contaminated areas.

However, as understanding of the virus has evolved, we've been seeing more products being made that can help prevent spread of the coronavirus. Here are a few that seem like they could be worth the investment, in terms of preventing disease spread with a minimum of effort.

Products That Help Ensure School Bus Safety During The COVID-19 Outbreak

1 - Sprayers

Spraying an entire bus with disinfecting agents can be a quick and easy way of sanitizing the bus quickly, while hitting most or all major touch points. A couple products stand out here.

The FS100 Portable Sprayer from Akron Brass Co. is compact and battery operated, with three different spray heads. It's suitable for use on buses, as well as in classrooms, and almost anything else.

For a more high-tech approach, there's the electrostatic disinfectant system from EZ DISSAN. These utilize special disinfectant sprays which contain a high number of positively-charged particles. This causes the spray to stick to surfaces more effectively - like static cling - and bring higher levels of sanitation.

2 - Foggers

Another product boasting extremely high levels of effectiveness is the CURIS Decontamination System, which uses a hydrogen peroxide blend to create a fog which envelops an entire room or school bus. These can be remotely operated and monitored, making it a nearly hands-free process.

CURIS claims their product has a 99.9999% viral extermination rate, and it's used by businesses around the world to sanitize areas.

3 - Ultra-violet lights

The COVID-19 virus has been shown to be extremely vulnerable to UV light, such as sunlight. So for a dry solution to inhibiting viral spread, the VeoLite from Aveo Engineering might be what you need. It's basically just a strip of high-powered UV lights that are mounted to the top of each bus, and can be set to turn on automatically once the bus has been emptied and parked.

These lights are too powerful to use while people are on the bus, be could be an excellent passive way of preventing disease spread between runs.

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Maintaining school bus safety is going to be very difficult in the months, maybe years, ahead. Has your district found any disinfectant products that work especially well? Let everyone else know in the comments below!