Scope of RFID School Bus Tracking Systems in Security Measures

RFID School Bus Tracking

RFID School Bus TrackingRadio frequency identification, also known as RFID, is a state-of-the-art technology that is used for many purposes, including keeping students safe. A student’s unique information is stored on a chip within a special ID card. This chip transmits identification information to a special transponder when a child gets on or off a bus. Digital information is forwarded to school district computers so that officials can track the whereabouts of each student.

Student Security and RFID School Bus Tracking

d RFID School Bus TrackingUsed alone or integrated with additional transportation software, RFID School Bus Tracking is helping school districts improve their security measures. When a child gets on the wrong bus or gets off at the wrong stop, this can cause panic for parents and school officials, not to mention danger for the child. Sophisticated student tracking systems provide accurate, real-time information so that children can be found quickly. Security alerts can also be issued when a student deviates from an assigned route, ensuring efficient emergency response and peace of mind for concerned parents and teachers.

Beyond Student Security

Tracking student ridership offers some important benefits. Along with student security, RFID School Bus Tracking helps school districts to optimize routing based on ridership. With an accurate picture of which students are riding the bus, and when, transportation departments can make data-based decisions regarding routes and schedules. This data is also helpful when compiling reports for government entities. Especially when paired with school bus tracking systems, this technology is keeping students secure on their trip to and from school and on field trips. Knowing which bus a student boarded and the location of each individual bus is information that can prevent all types of security concerns.

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Is your school district considering RFID School Bus Tracking? How do you think this will increase the level of security that your transportation department provides? Do you already have a system like this in place? What benefits does it provide? We appreciate your feedback.