Field Trip Planning Made Easier: Why Tracking Software is Essential

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shutterstock_15265366.jpgMost experts agree that taking students on field trips is a positive educational experience. A recent study cited by the National Education Foundation found that, regardless of a student’s socioeconomic status, gender or ethnicity, students who take field trips benefit from higher grades, a higher graduation rate and a greater chance of future success.

Unfortunately, many school districts are forced to cut back on field trips due to budgetary concerns. The good news is that today’s transportation management software makes field trips easier to prepare for while allowing you to make the most out of your district’s field trip budget.

Why Field Trip Planning and Tracking Is Essential

Tight finances demand efficient . Utilizing routing software helps teachers and administrators effectively calculate fuel costs and overhead and choose the safest routes to their destination. Giving drivers access to turn-by-turn directions keeps them on route and within budget.

From an organizational standpoint, taking advantage of transportation routing software makes a huge impact. Drivers can be assigned and buses scheduled through the functionality of this versatile technology. When routes are planned in advance, drivers are better prepared and delays are minimized.

Tracking is another important element to field trip success. When buses are monitored, potential problems get solved quickly, making the day smoother for students, chaperones, teachers and concerned parents. Unfortunately, emergencies do happen — but tracking helps to ensure that districts are notified of any route deviations or unauthorized stops right away, and that makes response easier, if a situation does arise.

As a whole, the right software can make the entire field trip management process easier. Teachers and administrators who are not burdened with cumbersome manual mapping and planning have more time and energy to devote to planning a great day for the students in their care.

Field Trip Planning Made Easy

Field trip route planning software is currently available as an add-on to transportation management software, or as a standalone option. It’s easy to use and can be implemented quickly.

Field trip groups with limited functionality and separate passwords allow teachers to lend a hand in planning activities without gaining full access to your transportation software. Email notifications can also be sent automatically to teachers, administrators and transportation staff when field trips are requested, approved or scheduled.

When your school district is ready to learn more about field trip tracking software and how it can make a difference for your students, contact our team. A seasoned transportation professional will demonstrate the benefits of adding this technology to your transportation department.

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How does your district or company manage field trips?  What issues have you come across that are just not being met by anything available today?  Any comments or suggestions can be posted below and are very much appreciated.