Signs You Need New Route Planning Software

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Signs You Need New Route Planning SoftwareAs technology becomes even more integrated into daily life, it will become even more commonplace when it comes to tracking routes and school buses. Instead of having to configure bus routes and distances students walk to the closest bus manually and potentially making errors, routing software is making sure everything is efficient, cost-effective, and keeps the kids part of the bus system safe. But, what happens when your routing software starts to become obsolete, or simply isn't working for you?

Instead of neglecting aging technology or denying it needs to be replaced, maybe it is time to check and see if your route management software needs some updating by assessing a few different signs. You shouldn't have to pay out thousands of dollars for inefficient or rarely updated software.

Maps Aren't Updated

Are all of your maps updated with correct house numbers, streets, and potential bus routes? If not, then you're running on the risk of outdated information about bus routes and how many students need to be picked up, as well as new information on houses within the area just in case people have moved. Updating your maps doesn't have to be a hassle, either--recent maps can be easily added and integrated into your route management software.

Likewise, your software must provide deep information and data on the area for your bus routes. Otherwise, you run the risk of using faulty information and having inefficient bus routes that are costing everyone money. 

Non-Optimized Software

It's all about reporting and digital bookkeeping these days, even with bus routing for your students. Make sure your bus routing software is updated and optimized to help you save money by providing comprehensive, live information on better route times, student management, and even factoring in gas to make sure you're being fuel efficient.

No Functions For Student Management

Being able to keep track of all the students using your buses is a requirement, but so is keeping data on their distance from the closest bus stops, whether they can use those bus stops during the day or night, and if they are able to reach a different route should one be unavailable. If your software cannot keep up with all of that data, then it's time to switch it out with something better!

Nothing Can Be Updated LiveBus Routing Software

Software, whether for bus routing management or the programs found on your computer, needs to be able to have easy integration so you can stay online longer without having to worry about long downtime. Don't become frustrated with required updates that knock your system offline, keep everything easily integrated by using only the best of routing software that is constantly up to date.

Everything Is Slow

Though it may seem pretty obvious, it's surprising how a lot of bus route management software out there simply needs an update because it is running too slow. If you notice a significant decrease in efficiency or notice the routing and GPS system is delayed, don't hesitate to take the time to update everything so you're running fast.

Also, if you recently switched or even updated your routing system and are still experiencing slow response times, then it might be time to find something else. Though it may be frustrating to integrate a completely different system, finding the perfect fit is well worth it.

What other signs should you look out for that indicate new bus route management software is needed?