Can Technology Improve the School Bus Driver Experience?

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school bus driver experience.jpgThe iconic school bus is a familiar site during the fall months. Driving this vehicle is still a major responsibility, but advances in transportation technology have done their part to improve the school bus driver experience and make the daily ride safer for students. Here are just some of the tools that are transforming the way the school bus operates.

GPS Technology

Not only are GPS systems helping drivers to get where they are going, they are also being used to keep track of buses and ensure the safety of their passengers. School districts can now dispatch routes to a driver’s terminal which saves time and fuel. This technology can also track buses in real-time, ensuring a quick response time when a bus stops unexpectedly or deviates from its route.

Security Cameras

Technology like security cameras is reducing incidences of bullying and unsafe student behavior, but cameras are also playing another vital role. Attached to school bus stop-arms, security cameras are preventing unauthorized passing by other vehicles. With entry and exit of the school bus being the most dangerous time during a student’s ride, this technology is making it easier for school bus drivers to report and take active measures when this type of illegal behavior occurs.

Student Tracking

It’s understandable that parents rely on school bus drivers to know if a child got on or off of a school bus. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen and students get on the wrong bus or exit at the wrong stop occasionally. Student tracking software is helping to make this harder to do, easing the mind of bus drivers, parents and school officials alike. Students are issued a unique ID card which they scan when they get on and off the bus. Paired with school bus tracking systems, this provides an additional layer of safety.

Improving the Experience for Your School Bus Drivers

If you are ready to learn more about the tools that school districts across the country are using to improve the driver experience and school bus driver retention, reach out to the team of transportation specialists at BusBoss. We have many tools and integrations available and would be glad to schedule a no-cost consultation to get you started.

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What technology has made a difference in the way your school bus drivers perform their job? We appreciate your feedback.