Michigan Student Bus Transportation: End of Route Student Checks

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shutterstock_36240658.jpgMichigan, as well as many other states, encourage their school districts to embrace robust end of route student checks within their student bus transportation systems. After all, many school districts have horror stories about students being left on the bus at the end of the day, such as if a student has fallen asleep in a seat and missed their stop.

Even in best case scenarios, this can cause significant stress on the student, their parents, and school faculty. In worse situations, it can put the child in real danger, if they're left unattended in a school bus barn or other area with machinery around. Simply put, there should be NO realistic chance of a student being left behind.

The best system for end of route student checks is one which leaves little possible room for mistake or human error. That's why RFID tracking systems are becoming highly valued in Michigan school districts, and in other states throughout the country.

Student Bus Transportation RFID Systems Make End of Route Checks Simple

The premise behind systems like STUDENTpatrol RFID tracking is simple: Every time a student gets on or off the bus, they swipe their RFID-enabled ID card. This swipe is visible to the bus driver, as well as to systems back in the office overseeing each bus route.

If a student tries to get on without swiping, the driver will notice and request they swipe. Likewise, if the student tries to disembark without a swipe, the driver has time to stop them.

Back at the office, the system knows which students are supposed to be on a bus on a given day. If the bus stops and three students are expected to disembark, but only two swipes are registered, the system can immediately alert the driver. Usually, this is before they've even moved from the stop.

This level of redundancy makes it nearly impossible for a child to go unaccounted for.

Then, at the end of the day, the driver already has assurance from the tracking system that every child who was supposed to get on and off the bus has done so successfully. Their end of route student check becomes a final redundant safety measure, rather than the primary way to discover riders who hadn't disembarked at the right stop.

Put Minds at Ease With Student Bus Transportation RFID Systems

With so many levels of verification, everyone involved can rest a little easier. Parents, drivers, and staff will all know that the chances of a student being forgotten are vastly lower than before. Plus, the enhanced data-gathering of RFID systems helps improve state reporting and guarantee proper funding as well!

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