Student Tracking Made Simpler with Student ID Badges

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shutterstock_213163630-1.jpgKeeping track of students is a priority that is increasing in importance in school districts across North America and around the world. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to track students is by utilizing an ID system.Meta Description: Student ID badge usage is an efficient and cost-effective way to track students. Learn more about utilizing RFID systems  to keep students safe and save districts money.

The Reasons for Student Tracking

Student safety is, of course, one of the top reasons why student tracking is so attractive. Many parents like the idea of knowing where their children are, whether on campus or on the bus.

Recent events make it easier for teachers and administrators to understand the benefits of knowing how many students are on campus at any given time and where each person is located. Information from a student ID badge can be easily cross-referenced with attendance records, which can be particularly helpful, not only for record-keeping, but during emergencies.

How Student Tracking Works

One of the easiest way to implement a student tracking system is by using student ID cards with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. Tiny radio transceivers which are only about the size of a grain of rice can be recognized by any RFID reader from a distance of several feet. Unique RFID chips cost just a few cents to manufacture, and readers are also relatively inexpensive.

Integrating Student Tracking IDs with Transportation Software

Placing an RFID scanner on school buses allows parents and school district employees to know when a student gets on or off a bus. When combined with technology, such as GPS tracking systems, school transportation departments can:

  • Alert drivers about missing students before they leave school property.
  • Provide reassurance to parents when a bus has been delayed.
  • Warn parents and administrators if a student gets off at the wrong stop.
  • Help to locate missing students.
  • Provide parents the vehicles estimated time of arrival.
  • Automate the process of verifying student ridership for maximum school transportation funding.

Student ID tracking systems can be easily integrated with school transportation software. This provides additional benefits like real-time data tracking, which lets administrators track vehicles and ridership to optimize routes, ensuring student and driver safety and saving districts money.

To learn more about student tracking using unique IDs, contact one of our transportation experts.

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