School Bus Bullying: Ways to Eliminate Bullying

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bullying_stops_hereThe best way to eliminate school bus bullying is to create a supportive and positive school bus environment that recognizes bullying early and makes it unacceptable behavior.  It’s very important that school officials, bus drivers and parents all get involved to support ways to eliminate bullying.  School officials, bus drivers, parents and students all play a vital role.

One way to eliminate school bus bullying is to institute policies and procedures that clearly define acceptable school bus behavior.  All students should sign school bus behavior contracts that define consequences for bullying that may result in the suspension of bus riding privileges.  There should also be other appropriate actions taken for students that witness school bus bullying, but don’t take any steps to report and help eliminate it.

Installing security cameras on school buses can also serve as a deterrent to help eliminate school bus bullying.  Some school districts have tight transportation budgets that may not allow for this expenditure, but parents can speak in front of the school board and try to gain more support and funding.  School officials, parents and students can even join forces to help raise money to help cover this additional security expense.  There may also be grants that schools can apply for that would cover all or a portion of the costs. 

Schools can also hire bus aides to ride the bus and strategically place them in the front, middle and back of the bus to deter bullying.  The presence of bus aides can dramatically help to eliminate school bus bullying.  Students are less likely to bully in the presence of an adult.

Starting an anti-bullying campaign can help to shed light and serve to help eliminate the issue.  The campaign can include school wide activities, student pledges and other events to show that bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Setting up parental supervision at school bus zones and neighborhood bus stops can also serve as a deterrent for bullying.  Students are less likely to engage in bullying when they know that parents are around to stop such behavior from taking place.  Parents would also be around to see students getting on and off the buses and be able to notice and detect any unusual or suspicious behavior.

School bus bullying can make the school experience torturous instead of a fun opportunity for learning and development.  Bullying does not have to interfere in a student’s bus riding experience if everyone does their part to support in eliminating and creating a bully free zone.

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