Scheduling Software Takes the Headaches Out of School Bus Routing

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shutterstock_50802697.jpgIn an ideal world, school districts would be able to set their routes and utilize them year after year. The reality is, expanding student populations, redistricting, and rising costs mean that school transportation administrators must keep a constant eye on routes and change them frequently.

Optimizing your bus routes is a proven method for reducing costs, ensuring student safety and minimizing ride times. For some districts, however, the hassle of manually routing buses makes it tempting to put the process off.

The Realities of Manual Bus Scheduling

When many think of creating bus schedules, their thoughts shift to maps, spreadsheets and late nights. The amount of detail that is needed to make the most out of your bus routes is enormous. Effectively scheduling routes means considering:

  • Which routes are safest for students and drivers
  • Ever changing traffic patterns
  • Walking distance to and from bus stops
  • Hazardous roads
  • Right sided pickups
  • Seasonal weather conditions
  • Accessibility for all students
  • Length of ride times
  • Fuel and maintenance costs
  • School district transportation guidelines
  • Routing students with special needs

Making the Switch to School Bus Scheduling Software

Implementing school bus scheduling software can sound intimidating at first, but technology advances now allow transportation departments to schedule their routes in ways that were once never thought possible. Software training can even be customized to fit diverse learning styles and the unique needs of your individual district.

Utilizing school bus scheduling software offers more than just a time savings. By thoroughly analyzing traffic patterns, current route times, and student populations, today’s software can help transportation professionals to schedule routes that increase student safety and allow for better monitoring of drivers.

This software is designed to be utilized by multiple systems and a diverse user population. Many of these systems now incorporate other functionalities that allow administrators to keep in touch with drivers and monitor buses in real time.

When a quick scheduling change is a necessity, future plans often get put on the back-burner. With scheduling software, this problem is virtually eliminated. Unlimited hypothetical maps can be accessed almost instantly, saving future time and cost.

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