Driver Communication Issues: From Distracted Driving to Poor Communication Systems

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According to a recent survey commissioned by the American School Bus Council, six in ten parents are concerned about having their children ride on school buses. While the reasons behind their worries ranged from accidents to bullying, unsafe drivers and lack of information were two top concerns.

The American School Bus Council reports that each day, around 475,000 school buses carry 25 million children to and from school. Most trips result in no incidents; however, there are practices that school districts can employ to keep their accident rate low and increase the level of communication between drivers, administration and parents.

Dealing with Distracted Driving

Radios, a poor night’s sleep, excited students, a quick bite to eat and even electronic devices can all act as distractions and shift a driver’s eyes from the road. Distracted driving is more than just a minor concern, in some cases, distractions can be deadly. In fact, the U.S. federal government estimates that distracted driving contributes to 16% of all fatal crashes. School buses are naturally filled with distractions, so it makes sense to reduce the risks.

One way to prevent distracted driving is through the use of state-of-the-art data capturing software. Today’s sophisticated GPS tracking software allows administrators to monitor buses in real-time, which can tip them off to route deviations and other indicators of distracted driving.

Education is another key component to preventing driver distraction. All drivers should stay in the loop when it comes to your district’s policies and best-practices regarding distracted driving. Continued training is being implemented at districts across North America, and resources are widely available which help drivers make safe choices.

The use of safety belts on school buses has also been linked to a reduction in driver distractions. While this is generally not a reason cited for their installation, less movement has, in many cases, allowed drivers to experience a more focused ride.

Improving Communication

Though it continues to be cited as a top problem for school transportation professionals, lack of communication is a relatively easy problem to rectify. Gone are the days of antiquated communication systems and pen and paper reporting.

Comprehensive school bus routing software like Orbit Software’s, BusBoss allows school district employees, contractors and parents to immediately access the information they need. From route changes to in-depth detail on a student’s whereabouts, it’s now easier than ever to keep the doors of communication open and prevent safety issues.

School districts, bus contractors, drivers and parents all want the students in their care to stay safe. Keeping the lines of communication open and educating drivers about safety risks are vital to keeping school bus riders happy and healthy.

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