Why Does It Matter How Kids Get to School?

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school bus transportation (2)One question a school district often hears from community members is, "Why does it matter how kids get to school?" From what we've seen, this seems especially common among people without children of their own, objecting to the idea of paying for school bus services with their tax dollars. Well, even aside from the legal requirement that districts provide transportation, the fact is that there are many reasons why riding the school bus matters.

School buses are by far the best way for children to go to and from school, for numerous reasons. If you ever find yourself in a position of defending your bus transportation system, here are some arguments to make.

Four Reasons Riding the School Bus Is the Best Way to Get To School

1. School Buses Are Incredibly Safe

Mile for mile, person for person, school buses are almost undoubtedly the safest form of transportation in the world. Even though there are are hundreds of thousands of fatal accidents in the US every year, the average number of students who are hurt or killed annually in a bus-related accident is usually a couple dozen. If that.

No form of transportation will ever be 100% safe, but school buses push the odds of survival well past 99%.

2. School Buses Make Life Easier for Single or Working Parents

Many parents simply do not have the time in their schedule to drive to school multiple times a day, particularly in the afternoon when school lets out 2-3 hours before most typical workdays end. For single or working parents, school buses are basically a requirement for their children to be able to regularly attend classes.

3. School Buses Improve the Environment

Estimates state each school bus on the road does the work of 36 individual cars - it's one of the most spectacular examples of carpooling done right. Cumulatively, school buses in America save billions of gallons in gasoline use, as well as also preventing billions of pounds of exhaust pollution from entering the atmosphere. Of course, that's true locally as well. Buses reduce pollution and keep your skies cleaner.

4. School Buses Teach Time Management

Few life skills are more important than time management, and students who have to regularly catch buses know this well. Having to catch the bus every day teaches them responsibility, as well as planning skills. This is even more true in situations where older siblings also need to ensure younger children make it to the bus on time. Student bus riders are highly likely to be better at managing their lives when they grow up.

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What do you think? What arguments do you make in favor of riding the school bus? Tell us below!