Benefits To Using AVL GPS

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Benefits To Using AVL GPSWith the recent tragedy in Connecticut, public school safety is once again among the most important discussions in the nation. While the Newtown shooting may not have been easily avoided, anyone with responsibility in a school district should be looking for new ways to help guarantee the safety of their own students. Parents and children both are going to be worried about being properly protected, so this is a good time to look towards new safety features.

One of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective new safety technologies for schools is actually a well-established technology: GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). The GPS Global Positioning System is used by industries around the world, from taxi cabs to military transport, and can accurately fix the position of any vehicle within a few feet.

AVL GPS Systems open the door for your school buses to be more reliable and far safer for students to ride in.

How AVL GPS Can Enhance Your Bus Fleet

The theory behind this bus tracking system is simple. Every bus has a GPS system installed that keeps in constant contact with orbiting satellites, triangulating its position. That information then gets broadcast to you, and placed on easy-to-use computer mapping software. The end result is that with an AVL GPS system, you can know at all times exactly where every bus is, with real-time live updates.

The benefits this confers are enormous:

  • If a bus breaks down or otherwise stops unexpectedly, you'll know nearly as soon as it happens. You may even be on top of the situation before your bus driver has a chance to call in.

  • Rescue services – from a tow truck to ambulances – can be routed to a stopped bus far more quickly and accurately. Especially if your bus works in rural areas with few roads, this will be far more effective than going solely on your driver's description of their location. (“Somewhere between mile markers 26 and 27” can still leave a lot of room for guesswork.)

  • The real time data that AVL GPS offers can also help ensure the effectiveness of your drivers. You can monitor for excess speeding, unsafe acceleration or braking, and more. GPS systems bring to mind the old Reagan aphorism: “Trust, but verify.” No matter how much you trust your drivers, there's no harm in making sure they drive as safely as they claim.bus tracking

  • Put your parents' minds at ease. Should a bus be delayed, you can instantly tell any caller exactly what the situation is, where the bus is currently, and an ETA on when their child can be expected home.

  • Automatic alerts can be set up if a bus diverges from its route, begins behaving erratically, and more. You can be on top of any situation as it develops, and never lack the data you need to verify your buses are running normally.

  • In the event of a truly extreme emergency – such as a kidnapping – your bus's location can be tracked and forwarded to whatever law enforcement needs to handle the situation. There's almost no chance of it becoming lost.

In the days and weeks to come, you're almost certainly going to be called on to demonstrate your school's commitment to the health and safety of your students. Embracing an AVL GPS system in your buses is a perfect way to respond to those calls: It's inexpensive, it's a proven technology, and it will make your buses far more safe to ride.

Contact us if you'd like more information on how vehicle-based AVL GPS can make your buses safer and more cost-effective!  


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