Satellite Tracking Apps for School Buses

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shutterstock_341516156.jpgIf you have been wondering if incorporating a satellite tracking app system for your school bus fleet is really worth the investment, there is strong evidence to indicate that it is. There are many benefits to utilizing this technology, and student safety tops the list.

Opening the Doors to Parent Communication

Most parents understand that the occasional route change or late bus is inevitable. Situations ranging from inclement weather to road closures can all lead to plan deviations. It’s when parents aren’t notified that communities begin to worry. A satellite tracking app can alert staff and parents to route changes, irregular stops and deviations from plans that could indicate problems.

The technology is available and easy to use, and many parents are insisting that their districts implement tracking systems. Easing parents’ minds goes a long way toward increasing consistent ridership and improved parent communication. GPS tracking also helps districts to comply with Department of Education requirements and effectively track ridership. When buses are tracked, changes and unauthorized stops decrease—a benefit to parents, districts and budgets.

Dealing with Emergencies

Nobody likes to imagine that a school bus would be involved in a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, disaster does strike, and a satellite tracking app can help school districts prepare. When parents and administrators have the ability to track school buses in real-time, they are quickly alerted to potential problems.

When a thirteen year old Central Florida boy decided to take a school bus on a joyride, school transportation officials were quickly able to find the bus utilizing GPS technology. This situation would likely have caused injury or damage had it not been addressed promptly. School bus tracking also helped find a stolen bus in Ohio. Keeping students safe is priority number one for any school district transportation department, and school bus tracking apps are a great way to help administrators achieve this goal.

To hear more about school bus tracking apps and transportation software that can improve the efficiency of your district’s transportation department, contact our team. BusBoss designs its software for ease of use and reliable integration with multiple tools and add-ons.

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