4 Times You'll Want To Get Student Tracking Software

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Student tracking software is a new technology that's arrived just in time for schools looking to Student Tracking Softwaremeet the demands of a 21st Century school system.

By embedding tiny RFID scanners into a student's ID badge, they can be quickly and easily monitored everywhere your school has responsibility over. A few discrete scanners set up on buses and around the school complex can make it easy to find the location of any student, or group of students, you should ever need.

So, what are some scenarios where you might propose use of student tracking software?

Four Scenarios In Which Student Tracking Makes Sense

1. When parents demand tighter bus safety.

This one is probably not hard to imagine. Stories of children being kidnapped through inattention or dropped off in the wrong part of town due to a bus mishap regularly make the rounds among parent groups. Plus, let's face it: in the eyes of a lot the parents, you're never doing enough for student safety. This isn't really fair, but it's how many of them see things.

Student tracking systems are great proposal when these cries arise due to its relatively low cost to implement and huge improvements to your ability to see where your students are at all times while they're in your care. For parents who want assurance their students are being properly overseen, it's hard to argue against.

2. When you need that extra edge on your attendance reports.

Your daily attendance reports are, of course, one of your main sources for funding. In most states, you're getting more money for every student who's sitting in class as they should be. When pennies matter, it's vital to ensure every student is counted and that every student who could be in a seat is already there.

This is one of the greatest strengths of student tracking software, and in districts that have already implemented it, they're seeing results. Texas has been a pilot for these programs, such as this small San Antonio school, which generally finds 3-8 truant students every day. Even improving your attendance rates by 1-2% could have big payoffs for your school.

3. When a lost student turns out to be on-campus.

Here's another common one: A student is reported missing, but after a lot of fuss and bother, it turns out they were simply smoking under the bleachers or something. This is, of course, natural – if a student has suddenly vanished from sight, you need to find them!

However, RFID student tracking software makes these scenarios so much easier to deal with. If the student is anywhere within range of the scanners, they can be instantly spotted and retrieved. A problem can could have previously involved dozens of people, disrupt a school, and needlessly panic a parent can now be resolved by a single person in a few seconds.

4. When a parent asks “Why isn't my child home?”Student tracking systems

Of course, sometimes, the student is really lost. Those are the times people without student tracking really wish they had RFID bus scanners. With these, your students' movements on and off of your buses are tracked as well as recorded in your central database.

If a student is ever truly reported lost who would have been within your transportation system, student tracking software can tell you exactly where they got off the bus. Often it was simply to get off the bus with a friend, but sometimes true mistakes happen. RFID makes them far easier to correct.

Is Now The Time You Want Student Tracking Software?

Certainly, the technology has its detractors, but we feel its benefits to your district, the parents, and to the students far outweighs other concerns. It's a proven technology, and it keeps your students safer while also helping you cut costs.

Think about it the next time you're in a meeting, and people start talking student safety.

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