School Bus Maintenance: The Upkeep of Video Systems

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shutterstock_290791364-1.jpgAs technology advances, many school districts are incorporating state-of-the-art safety equipment into their transportation programs. This means that along with keeping buses in good working order, many school bus maintenance departments must now consider integrated systems. When developing your school bus maintenance plan, don’t forget to include your video systems. Just like any other piece of electrical equipment, regular maintenance will help keep cameras working well and extend their lives.

The Importance of Well-Maintained Video Systems

For many school districts, video systems provide a watchful eye and a reliable record. Parents, teachers and administrators can feel more secure knowing that instances of bullying, violence, road-rage or driver misconduct will be caught on film. Should such a situation arise, district administration and law enforcement rely on clear footage to move forward with their investigation.

Maintaining your video system may also save you money. If your district benefits from lower insurance premiums due to the installation of cameras, they must remain in good working order.

School Bus Maintenance and Video Systems

The following steps can be included in your district’s regular maintenance plan to ensure that video equipment does not get overlooked:

  • Perform regular system checks and view recent recordings for quality.
  • Develop pre-trip inspection reports for drivers that include checking the camera indicator lights.
  • Schedule a substitute bus when a camera system is out of order.
  • Keep replacement parts in stock or negotiate with vendors for a quick turn-around.
  • Plan in advance for regular updates to stay on top of changes in technology.

Along with school bus video systems, many other forms of technology are helping to keep students safe on their ride to and from school. When cameras are used in tandem with school bus transportation software, transportation departments can fully monitor the activities on a bus, along with its location, in real time.

To learn more about the technological tools that are keeping students safe in school buses across North America, contact the team of transportation specialists at BusBoss. We’d be glad to schedule a live demo and show you some of the many options available for offering students the best ride possible.

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Does your school district utilize video monitoring of school buses? If so, how do you maintain your systems? We would love to hear about your experiences.