How Effective Are School Bus Tracking Systems?

school bus tracking systems

School Bus Tracking Systems (2).jpgSchool bus tracking systems are gaining in popularity, but how effective are they? Over the last several years, transportation technology has developed by leaps and bounds, so it can be difficult for school districts to sift through the options and determine which programs can really make a difference. Budget constraints are the norm in most communities, so determining what the positive impact of school bus tracking software will be is usually a must.

How School Bus Tracking Works

Real-time GPS bus tracking software can be used alone or in conjunction with school bus routing software. School districts can monitor the positions of each vehicle in their fleet while they travel on real-time zoomable maps. This allows transportation staff to quickly spot route deviations and unauthorized stops.

Security Concerns

Those who argue in favor of school bus tracking cite the safety and security benefits. Although school buses are touted for their safety, accidents and security breaches are inevitable, though rare. The key to increasing the chances of a successful outcome is quick action, and that’s one of the benefits that school bus tracking systems provide. Location updates can be updated as often as every 10 seconds and speed can also be monitored. Security alarms allow for instant notification of unauthorized stops, excess speed or route deviation. This immediate notification allows for a quick response and this real-time information can easily be shared with law enforcement and medical teams when an emergency occurs.

Staff Management

While safety is priority one, school bus tracking systems also make it easier for transportation departments to manage drivers and decrease staffing costs. By tracking driver times and stops, school districts can eliminate excess hours, saving precious funds. Notification of unauthorized rerouting can save money potentially spent on fuel and speed alerts can prevent potential safety issues. In some cases, installation of school bus tracking software can also lower insurance premiums, offering an additional savings.

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