Illegal Passing of School Buses: 2015 Florida Survey Results

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shutterstock_419220.jpgSurvey results released by the Florida Department of Education indicate that illegal passing of school buses is a continued problem. Nearly 10,000 drivers across the state participated in the survey, which documented the number and type of illegal incidents, along with what part of the day they took place. Unfortunately, illegal passing is not unique to Florida. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that most violations go unreported, so the problem may be extraordinarily widespread.

The Results

The Florida survey findings indicate that the most common instances of illegal passing of school buses occur from the left front side of the bus. While results varied slightly from county to county, statewide the number of instances were nearly the same during the morning and in the afternoon. Only 294 incidents were reported during the midday hours. Nearly 11,000 vehicles were reported as passing during the single day survey, and of these 6,068 were vehicles passing from the front.

Addressing the Problem

School districts across the country are facing similar problems with illegal passing of school buses. Reports like this are one positive step toward addressing the issue. In Florida, the report is being shared with drivers as a training tool. Using this sort of information to launch public education programs for drivers is also a strategy for some districts. As many states combine education with higher fines for breaking the law, instances are decreasing. In Florida, transportation experts across the state are recommending changes to stop policies and enhanced signage. Public relations recommendations include billboards and television and radio public service announcements.

Technology is also providing solutions for illegal passing and school bus safety. Installation of cameras on school buses to capture images of offenders is happening in many districts. Targeted transportation software can also increase school bus safety. From the ease of reporting to quick identification of unexpected stops, technology is making a difference and keeping students and drivers safe.

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