What Student Tracking System Is Best For Your Business?

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Everyone is thinking in an ideal world where every student arrives on time to attend their classes.student tracking software You can see in the faces of school authorities a big smile when they don’t have any problems with their student's school attendance. However, in reality this is not always the case. This is the reason why any school organization needs to have an efficient student tracking system to make everything perfect, and have a smiling face everyday of their lives.

With the use of the right scanning technology that fits your organization, you’ll be free from managing roll call paperwork of students. You’ll be able to track attendance efficiently to make sure that proper control and orderliness are achieved in important areas like the bus service and classrooms. Automating your tracking process accurately keeps your students more responsible for their own actions and performance.

How to determine what type of student tracking system is best for your business

You should be aware that there are different types of scanning systems that are available in the market, and each works best according to their function. Before you decide which device to get, determine the following factors:

  • The number of students you want to track.

  • The need for an automated tracking system to manage your check-in station.

  • The necessity of tracking guests who go along with your students.

  • Multi-use availibility of ID cards in place.

  • Whether you need a barcode, magnetic stripe or encoding chips on the ID card.

  • Whether there is a need for integration with your other systems such as accounting, access control and how often you need tracking data.

  • The kind of reporting process that you need from the tracking system.

You can be sure that if you have the right solution for your business, your attendance tracking system will be easier to manage, and your need for support will be minimal.

Benefits derived from using the right student tracking system

When you install this advanced technology, you can be assured of accuracy in logging because the automated data capture eliminates falsified time logs. You can also simplify the recording of all important information with just swiping or scanning of a card. The whole system will be more efficient, and you can save time in gathering and processing of attendance data. There will be less fraud and paperwork to deal with. Overall, this advance tracking system provides cost saving benefits.

How the student tracking system worksstudent tracker

  • You have to provide each person that you want to track with a special ID that can be used for scanning. If you have issued student IDs that have a barcode, prox chip or magnetic stripe, you can also use them for attendance tracking.  If no ID has been issued, you can just utilize an ordinary card printer, and create barcodes for the cards. The advantage of using customized ID cards is that you can prevent fraudulent usage and at the same time, make the overall process faster. When all students have a unique ID, then, you can start tracking them.

  • Considering that you aim to track attendance in a particular location or event, you have to determine the number of your check-in stations and where they will be placed. This check-in station is the place where the students will scan their IDs, and have their attendance recorded. It can either be an independent card reader, long range reader or a basic PC with an attached reader.

  • The software you use to run in each station will determine the way you track attendance and its details. You can expect the system to track the user ID and the corresponding time and location, but it’s also possible to record more detailed information.

In this kind of environment, the student tracking system software should have the ability to accommodate all the relevant data that you want to record. Find software that is very flexible to use, and can even be completely customized as you desire. Search online and you’ll be able to narrow down exactly what you need!


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