Use A School Bus Pass To Be More Efficient

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One of the biggest moments of panic is that moment when a student isn't on the right bus and school bus passbecomes "lost" among the huge transportation of hundreds or thousands of students at the end of a busy school day. This is a moment of panic for not only the parents that might not know their child simply went home with one of their friends or were picked up by a family member, but it is also a very stressful moment for the transportation manager and school administration who must keep all of their kids safe when the children are under their care.

Instead of dealing with the heart attack that can happen when there is a student not where they are supposed to be, your school can instead incorporate highly efficient and easy to use school bus passes.  This bus pass works exactly like a normal public bus pass, except it is tied to the student and the school they attend, as well as the bus stop they use to get on and off their bus. Why else should you consider the benefit of school bus passes? Check out more reasons below.

Efficient Information For Everyone

The school bus passes provided to the students are laminated cards which can have very important information for the student, the bus drivers, and even for other faculty in the area helping students find their bus during the chaos of the after school rush. Information such as the student's name, their grade year, bus number and location of their home can all really help during a crisis of a lost student.

The school bus pass will also help lessen the need to go over the radio intercoms just in case a student does get on the wrong bus. These cards are resistant to weather, can be clipped on to a lanyard or backpack, and very easy to read, making them highly efficient during an already hectic time during the school day.

RFID Technology Enabled

With so much technology to monitor bus routes, it has also become very easy to track unique identification numbers tied to a school bus pass through an embedded RFID chip in the card. No names need to be used while tracking these identification numbers and they can also be used for students to access certain areas of the school (especially useful if they're aiding teachers or students with seniority), on top of ensuring that all of your children get back home on time and on the right bus without having to rely so heavily on a headcount at the end of the route.

Earning More Money For Your Schoolschool bus management

With funding being tied with student attendance, being able to efficiently and precisely track students throughout the school year needs to have a very focused strategy. This is exactly where a school bus pass can come into play because of the RFID chip and being able to log how many students are attending school every day. When you can efficiently show improvement in your attendance, that means a much better chance at receiving your maximum funding.

Another aspect that can bring you an extra bit of money through the efficiency of a school bus pass is selling the passes on school grounds. This will also improve your return on investment on creating these passes, especially when you need to make thousands of passes for students to use.

While students eagerly wanting to get home will continue to be chaotic, it can indeed be an organized and efficient chaos that means less students getting on the wrong bus or dealing with the bigger stress of a potentially lost student. A school bus pass is simple to create, activate and will make your entire process doubly efficient, so why not start using bus passes for your own students?  

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