Are School Bus Industry Trade Shows Worth It?

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School Bus Industry Trade Shows As a school district transportation manager you always have a lot on your plate, but that shouldn't stop you from taking time for personal development and networking. There are several major school bus trade shows around the country every year, and they are genuinely excellent opportunities to meet, greet, and learn.

If you haven't gone to any trade shows recently, here are a few reasons to think about attending at least one in the 2018-19 school year.

The Five Biggest Reasons to Attend School Bus Trade Shows

1. See New Technology in Action

Undoubtedly, the best reason to attend school bus trade shows is to have the opportunity to see new tech. With so much innovation happening in transportation in general, much of that new technology is also making its way into the realm of school buses. This is a great way to get ideas for upgrades you might want in the future, or at least get an idea of what new safety features are likely to become common in years to come.

2. Share Ideas and Resources With Peers

Sure, schools may compete in football and field sports, but when it comes to transportation, everyone is on Team Safety. Beyond new technology, plenty of new ideas for better ways to run bus systems and protect students will be shared as well. This is your opportunity to network with fellow transportation admins from around the state - or around the country - and hear about how they're making better bus systems.

3. Participate in Seminars

Being an active participant in a trade show has its own benefits. When you're part of a good seminar or other public appearance, that boosts perception of both you and your district. It's a great way to get good PR within the industry, or possibly even attract new talent to your district.

4. Network With Vendors

You never know when you'll be putting a purchase proposal together, and need to work with some vendors to make your dream financially possible. Trade shows are always a great way to collect business cards, shake hands, and make contacts you can leverage in months or years to come.

5. Get a Little 'Me' Time

Hey, anyone who claims that going to a trade show is 100% business isn't being totally honest. Along with all the good work you can do on behalf of your district, you also get a mini-vacation and a little downtime. In the middle of a hectic school year, it's a good way to relax for a day or two.

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So, which trade shows do you prefer to attend? Let's talk about favorite shows in the comments below!