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Pros and cons of GPS Vehicle TrackingGPS vehicle tracking has become a popular way for employers to monitor employees who's job depends on driving and for the parents of teenage drivers to monitor where the teens are driving. There are a few pros and cons to using vehicle tracking through a GPS system. 

Pros of GPS Tracking

  • If you are an employer using GPS in your employees work vehicles you will be providing them with a way to navigate roads and neighborhoods they are not familiar with. This means less of a chance that your employee will get lost while traveling for work, which saves the company both time and money.
  • GPS tracking helps you monitor the current location of any employees you have on the road, tracks the exact route they are driving, how many stops they make, how long they stay stopped for and the total mileage they are putting on their work vehicle.
  • If you are running a delivery company, you can use GPS vehicle tracking to provide your customers with the exact location of the item being delivered at any point during the process of shipping it from the warehouse to the customer.
  • GPS tracking has resulted in more productive and efficient employees for many companies.
  • The number of traffic accidents involving those driving company vehicles has gone down since GPS vehicle tracking was installed. This has saved many companies thousands of dollars in damages and raised insurance premiums.

Cons of GPS Tracking

  • Many people consider the act of tracking vehicles to be an invasion of privacy. When many businesses started using GPS tracking, employees became angry and stated that they felt like the company no longer trusted them. They felt that by tracking where they traveled for work, the company was questioning their loyalty. Many employees also felt that it was an invasion of their rights under the Constitution.
  • There is much debate about the use of GPS tracking in criminal cases. In one case, a man used a GPS device in his wife's car to prove she was cheating on him. This resulted in the wife and her boyfriend being murdered. The family of one of the victims tried to sue the husband. In the lawsuit, the family claimed those who created the GPS technology were responsible for their loved one's death. They lost their case in a court of law. However, the incident brought a worldwide debate to light.
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