Transport Software: Step By Step Directions To Using It

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There are a lot of transport software solutions on the market today, aimed at enterprises at Transport Softwarevarious levels of proficiency. However, when we were developing our Transport Software we realized that the most powerful software in the world really isn't much help if it's hard to use. School districts are on tight budgets. You need software that anyone in your administration can use, not something that requires a computer expert.

So, if you happen to be in the market for transport and vehicle routing software, perhaps you'd like to see just how easy it is to use.

Steps For Using BusBoss Transport Software

Step One: Data Conversion

Before you begin using any new integrated software system, you have to convert all your old data into a format it can use. However, we have good news for you here: we do it for you! When you purchase BusBoss, all you have to do is send us your current data set, and we'll send you a customized copy of the software that's ready to go right out of the box. Obviously, security is of highest concern, and we never keep copies of your records once the data has been converted.

There's no need to use cumbersome external software or -worse- re-enter your records by hand. BusBoss is ready to install and use the moment it arrives at your door.

Step Two: Update Your Maps

Chances are, you're still using maps that are at least somewhat out of date. Most mapmaking software only releases updates every six to twelve months, and you just have to work around that until your maps are up-to-date.

With BusBoss, you can update the maps yourself, directly in the software. Using simple Paint-like editing tools, you can add or remove roads with just a few mouse clicks. The moment a new street is open, you can add it to the software and immediately integrate it into your bus routing. Why ignore opportunities just because your software can't keep up? We make it easy.

Step Three: Update Your Student Records

Chances are, you'll need to update your records to take advantage of all our features. We allow for unlimited addresses for each student, and can implement Split Custody routing, automatically adjusting routes to accommodate students who don't always go home to the same home every day. You can also set requirements such as the maximum distance a student should walk to the bus stop, or even create “danger zones” the routing software should avoid.

The point here is, the more information you give your system beforehand, the better a job it does. BusBoss can take virtually any requirement you have and build optimized routes around them.

Step Four: Creating RoutesRouting Software

Once you've gotten the initial information in place, from there, the software can do virtually everything itself. With the press of a button, it can lay out bus stops and routes based on your number of buses and whether you want to optimize for time or for distance. This all happens on the exact same map screen as everything else, making the interface a breeze to use. If you need to make any adjustments, simple point-to-point clicking or click-and-drag procedures will take care of any minor changes.

If you're creating a more complex system, such as handling students from multiple schools on the same bus, the software can take care of that as well. Whatever your needs, BusBoss will constantly produce the best possible routes in a format that's easy for you to see, adjust, and use in your planning.

Transport Software Made Easy

That's really all there is to it, although BusBoss also includes powerful features for bus performance tracking, long-term reporting, and even interactive redistricting. We wanted to make the easiest AND most powerful transport software on the market, and we think we have.

Why don't you give the demo a try and see for yourself?