Student Tracking Software Aids Medicaid Reimbursement

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shutterstock_414057475.jpgDepending on the state where your school district is located, you may be receiving Medicaid reimbursement dollars for the transportation of special needs students. As with any reporting for government funding, the process of collecting and communicating this transportation data can be complex. Fortunately, student transportation software is helping transportation departments to create thorough and accurate reports.

The Challenges of Thorough Reporting

In days past, school district transportation departments were forced to wade through mounds of paper in order to complete reimbursement reports. Sorting through paper logs is not only a cumbersome process, it also has a high risk of mistakes. Replacing manual processes with new student tracking technology is helping school districts to produce accurate reports that will stand up to audit.

Ridership reports are also required by districts that do not receive Medicaid reimbursement. From opening up eligibility for special programs to simply providing information to administrators, parents, and stakeholders, having a firm grasp on where your fleet is and who is on your buses will help your transportation department to manage its fleet effectively.

Student Transportation Software

Along with GPS bus tracking software, GPS student tracking systems utilize RFID card readers to track students when they enter and exit the bus. This allows for the effective management of transportation operations along with tracking student ridership. Data is collected in real-time and the software can be easily integrated with other student transportation systems. Along with producing quick, accurate ridership data, student transportation software has some other significant benefits. If a student enters the wrong bus or if some sort of deviation occurs, this can also be alerted in real-time, preventing logistical headaches and significant safety concerns.

If you would like to learn more about student tracking software and how technology is helping school districts across the country to produce accurate reports, contact the transportation specialists at BusBoss. We'd be glad to discuss your needs and provide you with a software demonstration.

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Does your school district receive Medicaid reimbursement for school bus ridership? How do you collect and maintain accurate data? Are you using a student tracker?  How has school bus transportation software helped your school district to stay organized? We appreciate your comments and feedback.