Student Tracking: The Benefits For Student & Transportation Management

student tracking

benefits of student trackingBy now, you’ve likely heard a lot about student GPS tracking. Increasingly, districts are incorporating this technology into their schools for a variety of beneficial reasons. While student GPS tracking isn’t exactly new to school districts, its growing acceptance is

Over time, more and more school districts have realized the accumulating benefits of using student GPS tracking systems to improve student safety while also optimizing bus routing and communication with parents regarding transportation matters. 

The Demonstrated Benefits Of Student GPS Tracking 

The following benefits of implementing a student tracking system are seen in two major areas: student management and bus routing/transportation management.

Student Management

  • Peace of mind: Messaging platforms alert parents when a bus is late, when their child gets off at the wrong bus stop or when there’s bad weather, an accident or emergency. In the case of an emergency, with a student tracking system you’re able to identify where a student was last located – whether they’ve left the school building or are still in the school possibly taking cover in a classroom.
  • Tracking students: Student tracking systems know which students are supposed to be on a specific bus, or in a classroom, but also who actually showed up. If a student never got on a bus – important for scenarios like field trips – the bus driver and school administrators have real-time access to this information to greatly improve response time. 

Bus Routing And Transportation Management

  • Display and monitor bus routing information: Student GPS tracking systems allow you to display and monitor your entire bus fleet, in real time, on a detailed map. With student tracking software, you have accurate information lending you speed, time and location information.

  • Improve transportation safety: Student tracking software comes equipped with security alerts, which let you know when a bus is speeding, stops at an unauthorized location or deviates from a scheduled route. With these alerts, you are able to improve response time and manage concerned parent calls with the necessary insight into a given situation.

  • Download data reports: Student GPS tracking software allows you to track driver times and monitor students who ride the bus. This information is helpful for daily mishaps and also for ongoing adjustments to optimize your bus routes and save money

Student tracking provides far more than just location information. In fact, because of the proof-positive results, some states are actually mandating student GPS tracking. It’s even safe to assume that, once the issue of student tracking hits the higher courts on a state and federal level, many more states are going to follow suit. 

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