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In any transportation system, you want to make sure that all the critical stages of your Tracker Tracking Systemspassengers and vehicles are met with precision, or at least tolerable. In school transportation systems, there are two factors that are critical to observe:

·      The location of your buses

·      The scheduled location status of your passengers

The reason why these are important factors is because of the scary statistics that face your kids. Every day, the FBI postulates that more than 2000 children are reported as abducted or missing or both, and the transportation system is one of the target areas for parties perpetrating such deeds. In preventing such situations from occurring, the system needs to be secured and reliable in tracking the location of students each time they are in transit in determining and assuring their safety.

Observing Privacy and Security

Most tracking systems often require the information of the primary people in focus, that would be the students under your purview or the bus drivers. The tracker tracking systems need to identify each entity using the information gathered about them, which raises the issue of security and privacy. This is averted in the design of the system:

1.  How the system works

The system tracks the transportation system in two ways:

·      Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags for the students

·      Using GPS  (Global Positioning System) technologies for the buses

RFID tags are lightweight modules that are fitted on the student ids, which are identified at critical points of the transportation system. The tracker tracking systems ensure that the students assigned to a specific bus are all aboard at the correct time, and that they arrive at the correct destinations. The system can also be integrated with your school attendance system to capture their locations on campus.

The GPS system tracks the vehicle locations and works together with the RFID tags to ensure that the right bus is at the right place at the right time. GPS technologies track real time locations of any subject entity to accuracy less than 100 yards. This makes the data collected and analyzed accurate and relevant for integration with the student tracking software. The integration of the two technologies offers a predictable system for logistics management and security.

2. Security with PrivacyStudent Tracking Software

One of the greatest challenges with security systems is their ability to restrict the access of your private information, or at least to offer guarantees that restrict the use of such information to the stated objectives. The tracker tracking systems use encrypted information to identify the buses and the student RFID's making access to the information relevant to the system at the transportation management office, where it is treated with utmost sensitivity and restriction. The RFID that is used by the students carries very little information, and does not provide active location information of the students, rather their presence at predefined locations which scan the student's RFID when they are proximal.

3. Integrated and Synchronized

The tracker tracking systems work in line with your school transportation schedule and locations, making it possible to predict the best routes for your students for a timely and safe arrival. It also improves the communication between transportation managers, school administrators and parents. With the real time information that is working with all existing systems for students and their transportation schedules, all parties are able to update each other with accurate information that allows for better interaction, and maintains the safety of the students. The system is quite reliable, since the GPS system uses global standards for executing location processes. The RFID system is both inexpensive and accurate, and only scans into predefined locations for determining the status of the students in regard to their schedules. 

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