Reasons To Consider Hiring A Transportation Coordinator

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Let's be honest, these are tough times to be involved in school management. Pressures are transportation coordinatormounting on all sides, with very few release valves available. School budgets are constantly being cut, so you have to make do with less each year, or so it seems. Yet, at the same time, the parents seem to demand more and more, especially when it comes to the safety of their children. This is totally reasonable, of course, but it still creates a fundamental problem:

How do you keep getting more out of less?

If this sounds like the situation in your school district, there may be a solution that at least helps alleviate some of your burden: Hiring a transportation coordinator.

What Is A Transportation Coordinator?

Simply put, a transportation coordinator is a specialist whose job is to schedule, manage, and oversee the operations of your vehicle fleet, especially your school buses.

Running your buses is likely one of the most expensive activities your school has to engage in. The buses themselves are extremely expensive, generally running into the six figure range for reliable models. There's gasoline and insurance, both of which are constantly getting more expensive, as well as maintenance to think about. Plus drivers, support staff, and -at worst- potential costs in case of an accident.

It's a huge burden for many school districts, and it's little wonder that more and more are looking to simply outsource the entire operation to get it off their hands. But, what if you could make it better, safer, AND cheaper all at once?

This is where a transportation coordinator comes in. When armed with modern bus routing & tracking software, these coordinators can really hit the proverbial trifecta.

Ways Transportation Coordinators Can Help You

These improvements come from several different sources, yet come together through the centralization of your bus operations.

First, current bus routing software is vastly more efficient than the old method of putting pins and strings in a map. Computer route processing can quickly create better routes, while still accommodating all the needs of your students. Route stops can even be planned to minimize walking distances for the students, as well as allowing you to store danger zones that children should avoid.bus routing software

Besides making your operation more efficient, this directly reduces fuel and maintenance costs for your vehicles. In some cases, you may discover you can cut buses entirely, creating large cost savings.

At the same time, this also keeps your students safer, and they are your #1 priority. Buses are safe, but they're safer yet when they're home. Further, if you add GPS vehicle fleet tracking to your buses -a low-cost solution these days- your transportation coordinator will know instantly if a bus stops unexpectedly for any reason or goes off course.

This allows your coordinator to have far more knowledge and power over your buses while they're en route. If a bus has a flat tire, chances are your coordinator would be calling them before the driver has a chance to radio in. If the bus gets in any sort of trouble and needs emergency assistance, you'll know where it is within a matter of feet, speeding the arrival of help.

Get Cheaper, Safer Buses With A Transportation Coordinator

From scheduling, to maintenance, to route oversight, centralizing your bus operations with modern software and a transportation coordinator who knows how to use it will improve your vehicle operations in nearly every way. With tight budgets and parents demanding more, wouldn't it be nice to go to your school board and say “Here's a solution that will make everybody happy!” and honestly mean it? 

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