Transportation Routing Software: Keeping Your Employees On Track

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Having to manage an entire fleet of vehicles can be difficult when data has to be tracked Transportation Routing Softwaremanually, on top of making sure all of the employees utilizing the fleet are where they need to be and being properly tracked. Instead of having to manually pencil in all of that information and keeping track of paperwork, all of those physical documents can be transferred to digital with transportation routing software.

Why choose to use routing software? Will it really help manage your entire fleet? The answers can be found below.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to managing drivers and a fleet of buses or other bigger transportation vehicles, is knowing where all of your employees are at least on the hour. However, with technological advances, being able to locate all of your drivers on a map just became a lot easier and faster. Routing software can now allow you to know the location of your fleet instantly, using a live feed without the need of refreshing the screen for their locations.

There is more to it than that, of course. You know all about it with the three R's of transportation: routing, redistricting, and reporting. All three can be handled by transportation routing software. Also, be able to:

  • Manage all of your employees driving the fleet, making sure where they need to be. There is no more worrying about whether a driver has become lost or is not using an authorized route and having to radio in, everything can be tracked with the software and alerts sent directly to you.

  • Contingency plans can be put in place for those "what if' emergency moments, allowing you to handle any disasters with ease and efficiency.

  • You don't have to be tethered to your laptop or desktop computer any longer. You can bring your routing software with you on the go via smartphone or tablet--any device that can connect to the Internet, really--to create detailed reports on your routes.

  • GPS tracking on any sort of vehicle ensures the safety of the employees too, not just those who are being transported. Re-routing is an inevitable occurrence, especially around areas of high construction, and GPS tracking can provRouting Softwareide real time information with updated maps to make sure your employees can keep to their schedules.

  • Monitor any unauthorized speeding, redirecting, stops, and other destinations within the trip to make sure your employees are where they need to be and not wasting fuel, time, or money.

Transportation routing software doesn't have to be a continuously expensive product, either. While some alternatives might make you pay for each users, there are others that once you have purchased the software, you are allowed to have as many users as you want utilizing the product free of charge. Also, annual fees are not as expensive as upfront prices, all for such powerful technology that has the ability to save you money in places you thought you couldn't!

So, what are some of the ways you can save money with transportation routing software?

  • Money is tight everywhere, especially when it comes to managing a large fleet of vehicles that need fuel. Prices for gas aren't coming down anytime soon, so that means being able to utilize software and monitoring the consumption of all of your employees.

  • Be able to time and monitor all routes to see which ones are more efficient and how you can reroute and redistrict to cut corners.

  • Redistricting just became even easier with routing software, allowing everything to be neatly organized to ensure the best efficiency for your fleet and budget.

There is so much more routing software can do for you, all it takes is giving it a chance. Are you going to continue using pins on a map?  Or are you going to get routing software instead?  



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