School Transportation Costs, Policies and Practices: A Review of ...

school transportation costs

School Transportation Costs, Policies and Practices: A review of …

School transportation routes and therefore costs will change at the start of the 2012 - 2013 school year.  If your child is enrolled at a primary school, you should read this very important information. 

As School District and Department of Education policies can vary in how they deal with transportation cuts we are using California as an example.  If you need information from a specific school district we can add links, as requested.  Bus schedules and routes will be changing nationwide, the following is a review of some of the expected changes.

California Governor Brown's budget which walking to school154140resized resized 600cuts school transportation costs has left parents and schools extremely worried. The Department of Education thinks the best way to deal with the cuts is to increase school bus fees for those who pay and change the eligibility of those who normally get to ride the bus for free. It seems that they think doing this will reduce the number of children riding the bus. Meaning many students will need to walk, cycle or be driven to school.

If your child is eligible to ride on the school bus through CSR, (Corporate Social Responsibility), they no longer will be because the CSR will no longer be available. 

The California State Board of Education approved plan for school transportation costs 2012-2013;

  • Students who ride the bus to a school in their own neighborhood will pay $150 per year for each child
  • Students who choose to attend a school outside their own neighborhood will need to pay $200 a year for each child
  • Children that live within walking distance of school, but wish to ride the bus will also pay $200 per year for each child, (as long as there is space available)
  • To ride the Intra school shuttle will cost $75.00 per child, per year.
  • Half-day kindergarten passes will be available for $75.00 for each child per year at neighborhood schools $200 for non neighborhood schools.

Students Exempt from Bus Fees;

If a student is eligible for free and reduced lunch, they can apply to have their bus fees wavered. Special education students with an approved IEP (Individualized Education Program), stating their eligibility for transportation will also be exempt from bus fees.

Remote Area Grants;

Students who have no bus service available where they live can contact the Department of Education for a remote area grant, towards private transport.