Use School Attendance Zone/Boundary to Save Money

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What is a Zone or Boundary?

Zone/Boundary: An area or stretch of land having a particular purpose, for example: "a pedestrian zone".  An attendance zone is an area of land that defines a school that a child should attend.

How can an attendance zone save money?

Each student that a school district accommodates will cost them money.  Every child deserves an education, but if a child lives outside your school district’s attendance zone, a different school district should be providing that education, not yours.

In my experience, it is not uncommon to have several children attending the wrong school based on where they live and the school’s attendance boundary.  Many of our customers have discovered this exact situation when they start using BusBoss and create attendance zones. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it costs approximately $10,000 for each student enrolled in the district.  Of course, this value will vary from district to district, but you can clearly see that if you have a student enrolled that should attend a neighboring district, you can save money.

With BusBoss Transportation Management Software, it is easy to determine which students live outside your attendance zone.  Once you have the zone created, you can simply display all your students and the attendance zones.  You can click to get detailed information for any student displayed on the map.

Attendance Zone

There are times when it is acceptable for a child to live outside the attendance zone for a school, so it is important to investigate the situation prior to acting on it.

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