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Watch this video made for school leaders just like you.

7.5 Secrets To Streamline Your School Bus Route Planning presented by Sonia Mastros, who has 17 years of industry experience in fleet management solutions. Along with Sonia’s specialized expertise, you’ll also receive helpful hints and thoughtful testimonials from current BusBoss users.

 In this free, educational webinar, you’ll learn industry-insider secrets to streamline your school bus route planning. Whether you’re in charge of or play a role in planning school district transportation, this webinar session offers practical, strategic tips for attaining cost-effective bus route optimization.

Throughout the webinar, you’ll learn how and why streamlining your school bus route planning saves you time, money and resources, as well as preserves critical school programs.

The school bus route planning strategies in this webinar include:

  • How to ensure school bus routes are not underutilized
  • What to consider when planning for the most efficient bus stop locations
  • How to effectively analyze bell times for bus scheduling
  • What other vital factors to consider for streamlined route planning
  • How to gain total visibility so you’re able to optimize your routes

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