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BusBoss Partners

Complimentary School Bus Transportation Products

GPS Tracking Systems

TomTom Telematics 

TomTom Telematics provides school bus tracking and navigation, fully integrated with BusBoss. Dispatch BusBoss routes to PRO driver terminals installed in your vehicles with the click of a button. Drivers are notified and rerouted when routes change. The integration reduces travel times, mileage, fuel consumption and working hours.

Overlay the planned and actual route to verify compliance. Real-time alerts provide notification of route deviations, excessive speeding, unauthorized stops and idling.  Click here to contact them.


Bustraq focuses on bringing the most innovative GPS vehicle tracking system solutions to the school bus transportation industry. The system offers advanced functionality and performance with features such as Driver Behavior Analysis, Crash Avoidance technology, Electronic Payroll Logs and Student RFID. Additionally, we integrate with a variety of third-party terminals, such as Garmin Navigation units.

Bustraq’s unique business model allows for school bus transportation managers and operators to turn their GPS vehicle tracking system investment into a new revenue stream while also providing the greatest level of safety to their passengers. Click here to contact them.

Synovia Solutions LLC

Synovia Solutions works with schools, districts, municipalities and private industries to apply its unique and cost-effective GPS vehicle tracking technology to various applications. If you are interested in discussing how Synovia Solutions helps you maintain better control over your fleet management using real-time GPS vehicle tracking, please Click here to contact them.

Wade Garcia & Associates

Wade Garcia & Associates is taking GPS tracking systems, integrating them and providing flexible, affordable, practical and dependable applications to provide your clients with greater visibility into their school bus transportation data. Wade Garcia & Associates are not just a vendor of products. They partner with you to create a tactical solution to reach your GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring goals. Click here to contact them.

Zonar Fleet Management Solutions

Zonar Systems provides electronic fleet management inspections, tracking and operations solutions used by the full range of public and private fleets. Their unique “Inspect, Track, Know” approach enables your fleet management operations to achieve unprecedented gains in efficiencies, cost savings and environmental impact. Click here to contact them.

Student Information Systems



PowerSchool, the leading and fastest growing student information system (SIS) available today. The PowerSchool SIS system supports approximately 10 million students in all 50 states and over 65 foreign countries. Last year, more schools and districts selected PowerSchool than any other SIS product on the market.

Today, PowerSchool supports a wide range of implementations, including schools as small as 25 students, districts as large as 80,000 students and statewide deployments. Click here to contact PowerSchool.


Skyward is an industry-leading provider of student, finance and human resources made exclusively for K-12 school districts. They provide software for more than 1,500 school districts across the globe, with 10 regional offices across the U.S. Whether it’s state reporting changes, or the addition of popular new features, their product grows with your district’s administrative and academic goals.

Skyward’s integrated software modules are easy to learn and implement, and are the most cost-effective solution available. Click here to contact Skyward.


TENEX Systems, Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based company that’s exclusively focused on meeting the business and student management needs of schools. Their technology and services harness the power of the Internet to unlock the complexity of your financial information in real time. TENEX helps you achieve your business goals with a state-of-the-art system, the highest quality services and support, and a commitment to continuous product improvement.

The result of implementing the TENEX system is improved productivity and efficiency, streamlined business processes, and more flexible and accurate financial management and reporting are all powered by highly secure technology. Click here to contact TENEX.

Integration And Services

Blackboard ParentLink

ParentLink has been helping schools for 25 years. ParentLink provides a powerful communication platform with a full range of options to meet the unique needs of your District. From emergency messaging, to custom messages, language translation, and surveys, ParentLink gives your schools a proven, easy-to-use tool that gets information to the people who need it, when it’s needed.  Click here to contact them.

Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF)

The SIF Association is a unique, non-profit collaboration composed of over 3,200 schools, districts, local authorities, software vendors, consultants and more who collectively work to define the rules and regulations for educational software data interoperability. A standard of set specifications used by all education software companies operates to:

  • Ensure that data is entered only once in one application, and automatically propagates to other applications
  • Allow applications to exchange data more effectively
  • Enable schools to create powerful reports by accessing data from different applications
  • Allow educators to deliver reports securely via the Internet to various organizations

Click here to contact the SIF Association.

The Education Management Group, LLC

With over 175 years of collective experience in all aspects of education administration, Education Management has the expertise to bring substantial positive change to your school district’s financial and educational management.

Team members of Education Management have provided consultative services to over 300 schools, districts and intermediate units across Pennsylvania, identifying millions of dollars in savings. They provide assistance in the areas of cirriculum, special education, financial planning, computer systems analyses, labor relations, demographics, taxes and tax collection, school food service, school bus transportation, custodial and maintenance programs, debt service and structure, overall physical plant and many other specific school district management components. Click here to contact them.

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