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Personalized School Bus Routing Software

CapWorks for BusBoss


Capital forms the DNA of any organization, whether that means financial, human, structural, organizational or relationship capital.

Each of these things is vital to the health of an organization, which is why BusBoss has formed a partnership with CapWorks to provide transportation consulting services.

Whenever a problem arises, CapWorks’ tools will diagnose whether the cause is a lack of capital – like not enough funding, a shortage of skills or staffing – and work with clients to develop the capital needed to resolve that problem and improve performance.

CapWorks’ analytic and diagnostic tools allow us to take a holistic view of a district’s metrics, from gas, to drivers’ salaries and beyond, so that we can make sure a fleet of buses is being used efficiently.

Contact BusBoss by using the form on this page to find out how this tool can help your district manage its crucial capital.

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