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Personalized School Bus Routing Software

SafeStop for BusBoss

“When’s the bus going to get here?”

It’s the question on the lips of parents, students and school officials everywhere there are school buses. We have an answer to that question.

BusBoss is pleased to be working with SafeStop, the industry’s leading school bus tracking app. Designed for parents, educators and transportation professionals, SafeStop provides real-time information on each school bus in your fleet, including location and expected arrival time at each stop.

With SafeStop, you’ll get:

  • Real time updates
  • Alerts about closing and delays and other serviceannouncements
  • Full time parent support
  • The only app that meets entity-wide SOC2 data security rules
  • Analytics that administrators can use to create a safer, more cost-effective transportation system.

Schools that use SafeStop see up to a 90 percent reduction in calls. It’s on board more than 3,500 buses serving 20,000 users in 24 states. 

Your Roadmap to Fleet TelematicsSuccess with SafeStop District 49 - Colorado

To learn more or to contact BusBoss, use the form on this page to see how the SafeStop can help your district.

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