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School Bus Drivers: Recruiting Drivers

School bus driver shortages are occurring nationwide, so it is important for school districts to recruit and hire qualified candidates.  Even though there is a driver shortage transportation officials should not relax hiring standards in order to rush and fill open positions.  It takes someone with very special and unique skill sets to be a good school bus driver. 

School Bus Drivers: School Bus Driver Shortage

Getting students safely to and from school is a priority for everyone.  However many school districts are experiencing a shortage in school bus drivers.  School bus driver shortage is an ongoing challenge that districts repeatedly face before, during and throughout each school year.  There are varying reasons for the shortage, but the effects are clear.  The shortage puts additional pressure on existing drivers and route scheduling.

School Bus Bullying: Ways to Eliminate Bullying

bullying_stops_hereThe best way to eliminate school bus bullying is to create a supportive and positive school bus environment that recognizes bullying early and makes it unacceptable behavior.  It’s very important that school officials, bus drivers and parents all get involved to support ways to eliminate bullying.  School officials, bus drivers, parents and students all play a vital role.

School Bus Bullying: How to React to Bullying

Bully_PicIt is estimated that nearly one in five students are subjected to school bus bullying.  A parent’s initial reaction may be to rush in and protect their child.  However, this may not be the best response since parents cannot be present every time a bullying incident may occur.  There are steps that both students and parents can take to prevent and eliminate bullying on the school bus.

School Bus Bullying: Signs of Bullying

Students who are being bullied often exhibit some warning signs.  If parents, school bus drivers, teachers and other school officials are aware of these signs they can take action to stop and work on reducing or eliminating the issues.

School Bus Bullying: What It Is And Why Bullies Pick The Bus

School Bus Safety, Is My Bus Overcrowded?


One Simple Method For Finding The Most Efficient Bus Routes For Your Schools

Since schools first started providing public transportation, the costs and difficulties involved in busing students have always been a significant concern. A school's transportation system can be one of the single biggest budget drains on a district, even when it's well-optimized.

Simply creating routes used to be an incredibly complex and time-consuming affair. The old strings-on-a-map approach (which is still occasionally in use today!) would generally take weeks or months to produce even a single set of routes. Tedious and labor-intensive, this process would often take an entire summer of work... only to see the routes get mangled within the first week, thanks to student transfers and other last-minute changes.

10 Benefits Of Integrating Student Info Systems With Bus Routing Software

Does your school district need an all-in-one software solution for keeping up with your students? After all, one of the biggest issues when schools look at updating their computer systems is the problem of systems integration. Ultimately,  , since otherwise there's a continual problem with ensuring the data moves freely as it's needed.

8 Ways Schools Can Ensure Students Get on a Bus (And How It Helps Attendance!)

When it comes to ensuring your school district receives as much state funding as possible, few ways are better than simply ensuring students are in their seats every morning.



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