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Driver Communication Issues: From Distracted Driving to Poor Communication Systems

According to a recent survey commissioned by the American School Bus Council, six in ten parents are concerned about having their children ride on school buses. While the reasons behind their worries ranged from accidents to bullying, unsafe drivers and lack of information were two top concerns.

School Bus Drivers: Retaining Good Drivers

Retaining good school bus drivers continues to be an issue for transportation departments nationwide.  Districts that offer competitive salaries as well as health and retirement benefits find it a lot easier to retain drivers.  However, this may be difficult for some districts that are faced with limiting budgets.  In addition to paying drivers a decent wage, they also need to provide enough working hours, ongoing training and create a supportive working environment.

School Bus Drivers: Recruiting Drivers

School bus driver shortages are occurring nationwide, so it is important for school districts to recruit and hire qualified candidates.  Even though there is a driver shortage transportation officials should not relax hiring standards in order to rush and fill open positions.  It takes someone with very special and unique skill sets to be a good school bus driver. 

School Bus Drivers: School Bus Driver Shortage

Getting students safely to and from school is a priority for everyone.  However many school districts are experiencing a shortage in school bus drivers.  School bus driver shortage is an ongoing challenge that districts repeatedly face before, during and throughout each school year.  There are varying reasons for the shortage, but the effects are clear.  The shortage puts additional pressure on existing drivers and route scheduling.

4 Effective Techniques For Improving Your Bus Drivers Morale

Every day, millions of students get on board school buses, making them the most precious - and vulnerable- cargo on the road. One of a school's first and most important duties is ensuring those students reach their destination safely every time.

Plan Safer Field Trips With 3 Simple Driver Strategies

For hundreds of years, field trips have been a tried and true teaching technique. Taking students out of a classroom and into a "real world" situation has always been a good way of reinforcing the lessons, and showing that they aren't just abstract exercises.

How To Find The Best School Bus Driver

Being able to find and employ some of the best school bus drivers in the area no longer means having to go through countless resumes with no rhyme or reason. There is a system in which you can find key drivers that will be able to stay focused on the road, will be on time, and be able to keep the students safe under their care. All it takes is knowing what makes a stellar school bus driver so great. This usually means picking up on cues that show they are able to take on such a huge task, while also being highly professional. Thankfully, all of these traits can be streamlined into a list that you can use to find quality school bus drivers.

Protect Your Students And Your School With A Student Tracker

As a parent and a school administrator, your greatest concern is the safety of your kids. You need to know exactly where they are, what they are doing and what their parents are saying about where they should be. With many incidents of child abduction and kidnappings, the school and the transportation system to school and back to their homes needs to be monitored to ensure all the kids are where they are supposed to be. In order to protect your students, you need to adopt  a student tracker, which will give you an edge in making sure they are safe.

How Can My District Benefit By Hiring A Transportation Manager?

One of the most critical tasks in any School District is managing the transportation system that gets school children to and from school and home and other planned locations.  This  is an immense responsibility and many critical factors to consider. When the system is not coordinated, a whole lot of challenges may be imminent. As a parent, or School Principal, you would want to have some notion of control as to where and when the children are at any point of the day when they are involved in transit.  You would want to have one number to call to get updates on safety, reported issues and new students who would need transportation services to and from school. You would also want assurances that the drivers responsible for your children's transportation are certified to handle the vehicle, and have the right training and attitude. These are some of the issues that can be handled by a Transportation Manager.

If You Need Organization, You Need A Transportation Manager

There is no fully autonomous system; even the most sophisticated applications for technology are fully dependent on the expertise of human resources. This is especially true of transportation services, where the intervention of a transportation manager is essential because of the obvious human element in the system, therefore there must be a place that counters and ensures all situations respond to predefined efforts for time management and accountability. Due to the intricate nature of a school transportation system, the inclusion of a transportation manager is not just the inevitable choice, but a valuable decision in managing the various aspects of the system.



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