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4 Secrets To Using Route Management Software

Currently, one of the most powerful upgrades on the market for any ground transportation business looking to optimize its services is a good piece of route management software. As map analysis techniques evolve, software becomes even-better at handling complex routing problems.

Route Planning Software: Keeping You Organized

Organization is one of the key factors in making sure that all of your route management and transportation fleet reporting is under control and as efficient as possible. But sometimes things can go awry and suddenly that organized system isn't working anymore, or is too much to handle and needs to be re-organized for the sake of money and time.

4 Tips To Using Route Software

Technology and software is becoming such a commonplace part within life that it is almost hard to believe how we were able to get work done in the years before computers and computer software. But now things have become much easier and much more convenient all from the information right in front of you on your screen and at your fingertips, and it's only going to become even easier and more convenient as time goes by.

Do You Need A Student Tracking System?

One of the biggest fears of transportation coordinators, school administrators, parents, and even school bus drivers, is a missing child during the transportation to and from school. While it may be uncommon to have a missing child issue during the entirety of your career, it can still happen. All schools have their own "what if" scenarios planned out and ready to be utilized should such a thing happen, and normally these sort of contingency plans are created early to make sure that everyone involved is safe and found.

Use A Vehicle Monitoring System To Stay Organized

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to managing dozens of vehicles and drivers is the nightmare of having unorganized documents on all of that routing data and information. Missing documents can mean a very bad time when it comes to reporting, auditing, and redistricting and could potentially mean losing your job if the organization is really bad. Instead of having to spend so much time properly categorizing and cataloguing all of the work that goes into route management, let the computer do it for you with the help of a vehicle monitoring system.

Signs You Need New Route Planning Software

As technology becomes even more integrated into daily life, it will become even more commonplace when it comes to tracking routes and school buses. Instead of having to configure bus routes and distances students walk to the closest bus manually and potentially making errors, routing software is making sure everything is efficient, cost-effective, and keeps the kids part of the bus system safe. But, what happens when your routing software starts to become obsolete, or simply isn't working for you?

Transportation Routing Software: Keeping Your Employees On Track

Having to manage an entire fleet of vehicles can be difficult when data has to be tracked manually, on top of making sure all of the employees utilizing the fleet are where they need to be and being properly tracked. Instead of having to manually pencil in all of that information and keeping track of paperwork, all of those physical documents can be transferred to digital with transportation routing software.

Vehicle Monitoring System: 5 Ways Not To Use It

Back in the old days, keeping track of each individual vehicle's gas consumption, mileage, and possibly repairs meant a lot of reports, careful tracking, and possible human errors in the system. And when it comes to bigger fleets of buses that are transporting kids everyday, having to track and monitor each bus was especially difficult. Unfortunately, things couldn't be as efficient, but now we have the ability to keep track of an entire fleet through technology and save money while doing it.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Route Optimization Software

If you're in the business of planning a school's bus schedule, we don't have to tell you how demanding the job is.  Hundreds or thousands of children rely on you to get to and from school safely, and if any of them are even a few minutes late, you'll be hearing about it from panicked parents.

Transportation Costs Impact on School Budgets

Transportation Costs Impact on School Budgets

School transportation costs eat a huge chunk of any schools budget. The cost of transporting kids to school needs to be reduced.

Because there is such a high impact on school budgets from school transportation costs, school buses could soon become scarce. This could save the government millions of dollars, however it leaves parents and educators worried about the potential danger this will pose to children going to and from school.

This also makes life difficult for the decision makers namely school bus routing contractors, vehicle routing coordinators and school bus transportation staff in general. If you are in this type of employment then it is very likely that you will feel the brunt of any animosity from parents. It's a no win situation for you.

School buses vs. Parent Transport;

Whenever schools are facing financial troubles, it is usually the school transportation costs that need to be reduced. School bus routing contractors will need to ensure that their decisions are made for the greater good of the pupils as a whole. They will need to analyze fuel costs and mileages to cut the school transportation costs without making it too difficult for students to attend school. No matter what they decide there is a very high probability that school buses will be replaced by parent's vehicles. If this happens the traffic on the roads will increase significantly, which in turn will have a negative impact on health and the environment.

School Bus Routing Alternative;

Vehicle routing coordinators have a hard task ahead of them, however you are not alone. In recent years here has been a lot of research into how schools can cope with their buses being cut. As a result of this research the safe routes to school national partnership have come up with a strategic plan that will be in affect from 2011-2015. 

The safe routes to school national partnership consists of 21 organizations and agencies. Parents, local government and police work together to ensure the safety of children on the trip to and from school.

October is International Walk To School Month.  Register your event or Map-a-route for your school.  Remember, safety first.  Public bus transportation may also be more cost effective, while reducing the number of vehicles on the road. 

To conclude;

Although there may not be as many buses available due to cuts in school transportation costs, it would seem that parents and communities are coming together, walking or cycling to school which is definitely healthier for all concerned.

Are you looking for ways to reduce costs by minimizing buses?  We can help.

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