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6 Proper Uses For GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking Systems

With schools constantly seeing their budgets slashed, you're undoubtedly feeling the pinch yourself if you're in the business of providing school bus services.  Economization is the name of the game across our school districts, from bus drivers to teachers.  If you want to stay competitive and keep your profit edge, you need to be able to guarantee the best results with the least waste.

5 Reasons You Need Student Tracking Software

Student tracking software is a necessity, the most accurate and effective way to keep children safe and to minimize today’s extraordinary transportation costs. Whether you’re the business manager, transportation director, the superintendent of a school district, a dispatcher, or a parent, there are five vital reasons to implement student tracker software, such as Orbit’s BusBoss.

School Bus Safety: Tracking Student Incidents

School Bus Safety is an often neglected topic for many people, which is unfortunate because millions of students are transported daily on school buses.  We have a civic responsibility to promote school bus safety whenever, and wherever, we can.

Bus Software - Display Dead Ends to Find Map Problems

School bus route optimization requires accurate map data.  Different map sources are available but there are several aspects of map data that determines its quality.

Use School Attendance Zone/Boundary to Save Money

What is a Zone or Boundary?

School Bus Route Optimization

Fleet Optimization was never one of my favorite subjects when it came to BusBoss.  However, as the years have gone by this functionality has greatly improved. I would recommend this to anyone who asks me where to start when creating new routes.

Top 10 Reasons for Using School Bus Routing Software

Are you transporting students on buses? What about vans? If you are, then you should be using school bus routing software.  It does not matter if you have 1 bus or 1,000 buses, you should be using bus routing software to manage your bus fleet.

School Bus Route Planning

When you are planning your bus routes, what are you thinking about?  I suspect that most transportation directors are thinking about accommodating all of their students and “hoping” that they won’t need to add additional buses.

School Bus Passes and Fees

The use of school bus passes is becoming more prevalent over time.  Bus passes are primarily used for students to get on their assigned school bus.  They are usually required when students are expected to pay for their school bus transportation.  Printing bus passes cane be relatively expensive, but in a “pay to ride” situation, they are required so that drivers will know who should and should not be allowed on the bus.

Court Ordered Split Custody School Bus Routing

As a transportation director, you have many responsibilities.  Accommodating court ordered split custody school bus routing is just another one of them.  While you may find this to be a nuisance, there is school transportation management software available that can help keep track of it all.  



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